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6 tips on how to make online shopping cost-efficient

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Did you know that some companies offer different online prices for same services and goods in different countries? They are collecting necessary information about visitors to their sites in real time, and then deliver respective versions of the website to certain groups of people. This is a result of exchange rates for local currencies and regional pricing models, which basically determine where people can afford to spend more and, therefore, provide companies with bigger profits.

Discrimination or fitness of things?

Prices and products may vary a lot – it happens in the split seconds, thus, a typical website user can hardly notice changes. This practice seems unfair and discriminating in the modern global world. However, it still exists because most people know little about this technique, and are willing to pay what they’re asked.

Consistently adjusting prices and displaying different product offers based on a personal data that was snooped from you while you were enjoying the web surfing, including your browsing history, devices you use, geolocation, or even your social class.

This price policy is true for different spheres of our life, like car rentals, hotel room reservations, airline tickets, and everyday online shopping, including electronic devices, cloths and accessories. We have conducted a deep research and found a lot of websites that doing regional pricing, among them are American online gaming websites Origin and Steam, all American online shops by Abercrombie & Fitch: clothing shop Hollister for teens, Abercrombie – children’s clothing, lingerie shop Gilly Hicks, and Ruehl No.925 for upscale clothing, Lowe’s – home décor and appliances.

Offering different prices to different people is legal, and stores have absolutely no obligation to offer goods at the same prices. However, this online price policy isn’t popular among shoppers. According to statistics, around 80% of American adults said it would bother them to find out that other people paid a lower price for the same product.

Save more with VPN Unlimited

Our team has a solution for you – the VPN Unlimited app. Our service allows you to save money on any type of shopping by encrypting all your online traffic and protecting from data snooping. VPN Unlimited hides your real IP address, and gives you a virtual one instead. Therefore, you are able to do shopping in any part of the world as if you were physically located there.

For example, you choose a new doggy pair of jeans from new arrivals at the American online shop, Hollister, but you are from the UK. In this case, you will get the price in the amount of £27.99 (almost $42).


If you were located in Sydney, you would get even higher price – AU$71 (almost $51).


Now, everything you need is to activate our VPN Unlimited service and choose one of our worldwide spread servers that will provide the best pricing for goods you want. For this particular case, you would want to choose one of the US servers. Then you will be recognized by the US websites as a local citizen, and you will be provided the best pricing offer – $25 for the pair of jeans.


There is nothing like the feeling of finding your favorite brands for less. Therefore, you can afford more trendy brand-name clothing for your money. This offer is hard to resist.

Hence, get the pleasure of receiving great savings with our VPN Unlimited app. We offer you hundreds of solid servers worldwide, an unlimited traffic bandwidth and a high-speed connection. Enjoy safe and fair online shopping with VPN Unlimited.

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