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Android VPN Unlimited: Get Your 1 + 1 Giveaway

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

VPN Unlimited continues to broaden its network by offering millions of users worldwide the most secure access to the Internet. Every 6 months, VPN services are updated for client app for major OS including iOS, Mac OS X, Android, MS Windows, Linux. And now we are introducing VPN Unlimited for the newest Android Lollipop. Also, we are announcing a special Android Lollipop giveaway that will last between November 15-28, 2014. During this time, you will have a chance to buy 1-year subscription for Android and you will get another 1-year of subscription completely free. Hurry up to get your 2-year subscription while you have to pay the affordable price for only one year of the most secure VPN Unlimited service.


What’s Hot? Android Lollipop!

We are excited that the Global scene has been introduced with yet another innovative OS, Android Lollipop or Android 5.0. Along with the highest level Android system upgrade, the Lollipop has brought a whole set of new features that will take our mobile surfing to the next level. Aside from having a new radical easy-to-navigate design with 5000 new APIs, new Android 5.0 aims to deliver a whole new experience with voice as a major input source, contextual surroundings awareness and across devices operations (phones, tablets and TVs).

The Android enthusiasts are yet to explore the wonderful features of Lollipop. While it was announced that that Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone and Nexus 9 tablet will be the first ones to get the much wanted new OS, surely, all other android users will switch to the new Android 5.0 throughout the year.

What can you expect with the release of the Lollipop?

  1. Major design alterations with new coolest features;
  2. Users will get access to more colors, shadows, animations, etc.;
  3. New user interface that is easy-to-use;
  4. Flattened screen appearance;
  5. Updated notification system (answer notifications from the lock-screen within apps);
  6. Brand new “Priority” mode;
  7. Animated transition between apps (zooming and fading effects);
  8. Carousel with multiple tabs
  9. Monitoring of battery consumption of an individual app.

As you can see the release of the Lollipop is huge for Android mobiles and tablets users. And we as a Company are willing to contribute to this event by issuing our special 1+1 subscription giveaway!

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