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Computer Security Day: Have You Ensured That Your Personal Data is Private & Safe?

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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

How often do you go online? Bet your answer is “dozen times a day”. To google something, check your social media accounts, read some news, order a pizza, watch some videos, do the shopping, and whatnot. It’s no news, the internet has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. We’re so dependent on it that being cut off from the internet for a day may sound like a nightmare for some.

The technology is now everywhere, revolutionizing communications, bringing improvements in all spheres of life, opening up a world of possibilities for us… and for cybercriminals, too. The amount of new malware and various scam schemes is growing exponentially. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Computer Security Day, celebrated on November 30, is intended to raise awareness about the issue. It’s high time to revise your cyber security toolkit! To help you beef up your protection, KeepSolid has a special internet offer on our top-notch VPN service. Check out the deal below!

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What is KeepSolid special offer and why do you need VPN software?

No need to wait for Christmas or New Year’s Eve to treat yourself to a little present. In celebration of the international Computer Security Day we provide you a whopping opportunity – purchase 1 year of VPN protection and get extra 3 months added to your subscription for absolutely free! Hooray, that’s whole 15 months of internet security and privacy to protect you in this dangerous cyber world! And the threat is real, just check out the stats below.  

  • In 2017, about 16.7 million netizens became victims of identity fraud.
  • The same year, account takeovers (ATO) resulted in over $2 billion in losses.
  • According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, about 1.3 million children’s records are stolen every year.
  • Surveys discover that half of all adults in America falsely believe that identity thieves have no interest in people with poor credit.

Creepy, right? But no worries! With the right security measures to protect data and the right software to support you, you can enjoy the safe and worry-free online journey. Here’s how VPN Unlimited ensures your privacy and online security.

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  • The service encrypts your internet traffic so that you can safely surf the web and log in to your social media and bank accounts on any insecure networks.
  • With VPN on, your real IP is hidden, and your ISP and other third parties can no longer track your online activities.

Some more good news, the benefits don’t end there! Besides protecting your data, with VPN Unlimited you break free from the chains of internet censorship. Wish to watch your favorite ESPN+, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer videos, but they’re blocked at your location? With the Christmas and New Year holidays coming soon, it’s no good depriving yourself of a warm cozy evening with a favorite movie. To unblock the services, just connect to the relevant streaming server and enjoy the desired content wherever you are.

Internet security: further reading

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Bottom line

With so many data we are regularly exposing online, privacy and security issues definitely cannot be ignored. Be a security aware netizen, use VPN Unlimited to win back your privacy and stay safe in any networks!

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