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How to Ensure Your Online Safety On Vacation?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

vpn-vacation Summer is exclusive time for staying active, having great time and going on vacation. At the same time, having great time doesn’t mean that you have to stop taking care of your online safety and privacy. Primarily during the summer time, free WiFi hotspots are filled with cyber criminals as their malicious activity is on the rise. They simply love performing their harming activities, including ear-dropping and sniffing to get more cash flow.

Regardless the destination that you choose this year, do not let your guard down and keep your electronic devices safe and protected at all times. Otherwise, you will meet some unpleasant bumps on the road that could have been avoided in the first place.

What To Do?


When travelling abroad, it is simply impossible to find the 100% reliable wireless network. Finding a WiFi hotspot is good, but staying cautious is the key to success. Whether you like it or not, popular free public hotspots are plagued with threats which can be avoided with the help of use of VPN service.

2.     Will Stronger Passwords Be of Great Help?

The first and definitely not the last line of defense is the protection of your personal data by creating new stronger passwords. Disabling old passwords takes just minutes and you will close access to your device before the criminals can steal anything.

3.     In Time Software Update + Data Back UP

We know the importance of use of your computer and smartphone as they run at peak performance every single minute. Yet, updating your software on a regular basis is extremely good practice. The same is applicable to regular data back up that will keep all the necessary data safe and protected. You can use Cloud or external hard drive for that purpose.

4.     Effective Privacy Screen: Have You Got One Now?

Oftentimes, when traveling, you will need to access quickly laptop or smartphone. To keep your device from the prying eyes use blackout privacy screens. It allows only one person, meaning you, to look at the screen.

5.     Disable Cookies & Autofill

While the two features are extremely convenient, but it is better to use it not while traveling but at home or office.

6.     Keep Your Devices Out Of Sight!

Hiding your devices is extremely good practice.

7.     What To Do When Your Device Is Stolen?

a)     contact your provider;

b)     suspend your current services;

c)     log in to your mobile account and lock your phone remotely – further use will be suspended;

d)     contact your cellular provider – they will help you to replace your phone (lost or stolen);

e)     DO NOT Use track & trace feature yourself – it’s dangerous;

f)      make sure to install the anti-theft software programs on your laptop – the authorities will track it for you.

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