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Up to 50% OFF | Buy a Personal Server Today!

Up to 50% OFF | Buy a Personal Server Today!

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Beware! Chopping ahead!

Axes go up, axes go down. We are slashing our prices. And mightily we are. Now starting from $18.33 per month, dedicated servers have never been so affordable. And our Lifetime plan got a whole half hacked off its price.

Not sure if you need a Personal server?

Well, let’s see. A dedicated server is an entire server deployed just for you. What does it mean? It means that its undivided attention — that being its RAM, CPU time, and bandwidth — will be devoted to serving you and your needs only. How cool is that!

Not only does it boost your connection speeds comparing to shared-server VPN service, a Personal server also greatly improves your online security. With it, you can tie your banking, mailing and other accounts to the static IP address you get with the server, and thus rule out any possibility of malefactors accessing and stealing your sensitive data. Another security advantage a Personal server offers is protecting you from a wild bullet shot by a hacker at somebody with whom you could share an IP address on a shared VPN server.

Gamers! There is a nifty treat specially for you, too. You’ll definitely appreciate the low ping you’ll get with a Personal server. Our servers are powerful enough to oftentimes outperform poorly routed ISPs’ connections, thus reducing your lags and ramping up your advantage. What’s more is that with a Personal server, you won’t ever be serving a ban sentenced to a nasty cheater who previously resided on your IP address, for you are the first person to use it.

What’s wrong with shared servers?

In short, there is nothing wrong with them per se, they just belong to a different domain. A shared server can relate to a Personal server like a crowded fast-food restaurant can relate to a personal butler. In the first case, you’ll have to wait a queue before getting serviced, while in the second, all your requests are addressed at a moment’s notice. Yes, having a Personal server is quite classy.  

This is the deal you get:

  • A personal VPN server of your choice listed within the VPN Unlimited app
  • A subscription to all our regular servers of corresponding duration
  • The highest level of security and data encryption
  • Multi-platform accessibility
  • Top connection speed
  • A dedicated IP address in a selected country
  • High-priority 24/7 customer support

A deal this good is rare to come around. If you appreciate individual approach, be sure to snatch your Personal server at such an amazing price. Go ahead and check out a full range of plans we offer.

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