К сожалению, содержимое этой страницы пока недоступно на выбранном языке.

VPN Unlimited is Removing Russian and Belarusian VPN Servers

VPN Unlimited is Removing Russian and Belarusian VPN Servers

We regret to inform you that we are removing VPN Unlimited servers in Russia and Belarus, effective immediately. We are doing this in response to the Russian Federation and Belarus' unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine.

In addition to military assaults, Ukraine is currently fending off Russia and Belarus’ constant cyberattacks and intelligence operations targeting the Ukrainian IT sector. With that in mind, we can’t consider it secure to keep our VPN servers in the aggressor states.

Want to Support Ukraine?

The majority of the KeepSolid team is currently located in Ukraine. If you would like to help us support our country in these trying times, please consider buying any of our products’ Lifetime subscriptions. 30% of every Lifetime purchase will be transferred to support the Ukrainian Army. 

Alternatively, you can donate to Ukraine’s Armed Forces directly via the National Bank of Ukraine’s special account.

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