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Is There Such a Thing as Safe Adult Sites, And How to Watch Adult Videos Securely (Infographics)

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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

In this piece, we’re not going to bring up the classic dispute whether “internet is for porn” or not 😅 Rather, this article by VPN Unlimited team would be of interest for those of you who have already answered this question for themselves, and are curious about the level of cyber security adult websites. Loosen your ties, this topic is hot!

Is There Even Such a Thing as Virus Free Safe Adult Sites?

Now, this is important to realize: porn site ≠ virus (not necessarily). There are trustworthy adult websites out there, dedicated to building their audience to make money from views and ads, rather than by hacking and cashing in on them. So what’s the source of these services’ ill fame then? Well, it mostly stems from two factors:

  1. Hacked adult sites
    First and foremost, any kind of popular websites (and adult sites are popular, as you will see in infographics) attracts a lot of bad actors wishing to feather their nest, so to speak. Hackers and malefactors of all kinds are trying to breach porn sites’ security and insert their malware in them. Most of the time, their security is quite reliable, but eventually, a leak or two do occur. An example of this can be Pornhub, which last year for a short period was used to spread adware known as Trojan.Win32.Kovter.
  2. Unsafe adult sites
    Also significantly less widespread than the hacked one, malicious porn sites do exist. They are normally the smaller ones, provide lesser-quality content, and attract significantly fewer audience. For these reasons, on the grand scheme of things, they are not as dangerous in terms of malware distribution. However, an unwary netizen stumbling upon such site will be assaulted by a significantly larger number of viruses and other nasty software.

How popular is porn
Pornhub traffic by device, 2019
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Do People Need a VPN for Porn?

According to our infographics, sites with adult videos can be safe but the availability of huge number of cyber security risks on such websites makes it extremely important to use VPN for porn. 

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