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what is swatting

How to Protect Yourself From Swatting

When talking about what swatting means, first you have to know what is swatted. Swatting is a way of saying that describes the action of making hoax phone calls to report serious crimes to enforcement agencies. Those criminals(swatters) who carry out a swatting prank call aim to fool enforcement agencies into sending a “Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)” team to respond to the supposed emergency.

What Does Being Swatted Mean

Getting swatted online has become one of the most severe cyber crimes nowadays, so, what is swatting someone mean? People who have been swatted online may experience the situation when a tactical team of heavily armed enforcement officers storms up to their homes. The swatters will falsely report major events such as bomb threats or murders to encourage the most serious response from enforcement agencies. As a result, swatting someone means the deaths of innocent people targeted by SWAT teams.

Many cases of swatting have been reported from the online gaming community. What does that mean? Games that have live chats that allow users to interact while playing, which can lead to rivalries, insults, or other reasons for targeting a victim. Game players are generally more vulnerable to getting swatted online.


How to Prevent Game Players From Swatting


Never leave personal information online

It’s important to know what does swatting someone mean for gamers and pay attention to privacy settings in games, social media, and other platforms. Make sure all private information is protected. Also, try to avoid checking into places that might reveal your locations online, and try not posting pictures of your home on the internet to prevent possible swatters. 

Never use real names for game usernames

Make sure you are aware of what does being swatted mean, while you want to be active in gaming chats, any comments sections, or like to argue about games and other controversial subjects in the forum online, just make sure the user name is different from your real name. Getting swatting online is not a joke, using your real name means any potential swatter could just do a quick search to gather all kinds of information about you.

Always use a VPN 

This is probably the most effective way of protecting gamers from getting swatted online. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, when you connect to any internet service, your ISP will assign you an IP address that corresponds to the physical location of your router. However, if you use a VPN, it will assign you a new anonymous IP address that can hide your location from anywhere in the world. What does that mean for swatting? Well, swatters cannot trace your real IP address anymore!

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VPN Unlimited is a highly reliable virtual private network that is known to enhance your online experience by effectively hiding your IP address to allow you to experience complete anonymity while online. It is highly trusted due to many of its great features and benefits.

Stay protected from hackers and swatters

VPN Unlimited ensures your safety while playing online. Our military-grade encryption protects all your data over the Internet, enhancing your protection and protecting against hackers and potential swatting behavior.

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While everyone should pay attention to their online privacy, online gamers should be extra careful to ensure they don’t get swatted online. Players can take further precautions and use VPNs to hide their IP addresses to ensure that potential swatters cannot trace their location. With VPN Unlimited, you’ll be able to protect your home address and location at all times and online gaming, streaming, and communication online without worrying about swatting attacks.

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