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Безопасный, надежный и быстрый VPN 3000+ серверов для обхода гео-блокировок Мультиплатформенное приложение 1 аккаунт на несколько устройств Безопасный менеджер паролей Генератор паролей Мониторинг утечек данных и даркнет мониторинг Молниеносный доступ к десяткам стриминговых каналов Фильтрация вредоносного интернет-трафика Защита от сомнительных сайтов и неприемлемого контента Аутентификатор для аккаунтов, защищенных TFA Генератор временных одноразовых паролей
67 мес
$79.99 Ежегодная оплата
30-дневная гарантия возврата денег
Secure Duo
83 мес
$69.99 Ежегодная оплата
30-дневная гарантия возврата денег
00 мес
$59.99 Ежегодная оплата
30-дневная гарантия возврата денег
Why Should You Use Our Services?

All-Around Protection with MonoDefense

4 apps included:

MonoDefense is a complete bundle including all digital solutions by KeepSolid to browse online safely, keep your passwords secure, block malicious traffic, and get access to geo-restricted streaming platforms with no hassle.

Essential Digital Safety Apps in Secure Duo

2 apps included:

The bundle includes 2 security apps for protecting your traffic, privacy, sensitive data and passwords on your device. With Secure Duo, you can hide IP, encrypt traffic, store data, and monitor the safety of your accounts.

Online privacy and safety with VPN Unlimited

Choose this offer if you need exclusively a reliable and fast Virtual Private Network solution to browse the web safely or hide your identity from third parties. With VPN Unlimited you get all the best you expect from a VPN service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a bundle instead of separate software solutions?

If you prefer to manage your funds wisely, choosing a bundle will be the best choice. It allows you to save money and time receiving the same level of service as if you were buying each app separately. By choosing a bundle from one developer, you can also save time getting technical support and updates, rather than having to deal with multiple vendors and products.

What payment methods do you accept?

Striving to provide our users with the best possible VPN service, we also do our best to offer you the most convenient payment methods. To purchase our solutions you can choose from Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon, Credit (Visa/Mastercard), and Gift cards, as well as iTunes, Google Play, and Microsoft Store in-app purchases. A complete overview of all payment methods is available here.

Can I pay once and not prolong the subscription every time?

Sure. We offer a convenient Lifetime plan. By choosing this offer, you can forget about recurring payments and get the app for permanent usage without any time limitations.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like your product?

Of course. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within this period you can return the costs spent on KeepSolid products if you decide to cancel the subscription. But if you have any questions or concerns about the work of the app you can always contact our customer support team via [email protected].

Do you offer some extra features for your services?

Yes. In VPN Unlimited you can get some additional features for an extra charge: VPN for Teams, Personal Server, Personal IP address, or get some extra slots for your subscription. By purchasing the Passwarden subscription you get all the benefits and features available in the app, including security level monitoring, password generator, sharing features, and so on. So, no internal purchases and transactions are provided.