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What Is Best Voice Recorder App on iPhone?

Best Voice Recorder App iPhone

These Voice Recorder apps are used to capture audio and convert it to audio files.

The whole process of conducting interviews or documenting discussions has always included audio recording. The method of voice recording has advanced to new heights because of technological breakthroughs and smartphone advancements.

iPhones and iPads feature high-definition microphones that allow you to record audio in any format you desire. For this reason, we researched the Web to find the best voice recorder apps for iPhones.

Best Voice Recording Apps on iPhone

HT Professional Recorder

As the name of the app implies it is intended for professionals who want to record meetings, dictations, conferences, or other business-related engagements. The app is able to pick up sounds of excellent quality from four feet away and is adept at picking up whispers and quiet voices. Users can make changes thanks to the overwrite feature. Sensitivity levels are also adjustable.


You may record audio and incorporate music into your recordings with the help of this voice recorder app, AudioShare. Because it allows you to make music on your iPhone, it is the perfect software for musicians and artists as audio files can be recorded, trimmed, and shared. This is a good app for organizing all your files. Though, new users may find it a little challenging.

Voice Recorder - Audio Recorder 

The app lets you select the quality of the audio recording as well as the format of the audio file, and it can detect sounds up to 300 feet away. Though options for audio editing could be improved and noise-reduction technologies are missing.

Best Free Voice Recording Apps for iPhone

Although the apps mentioned above provide you with the best features and tools, there are options for someone on a budget. 

Otter Voice

Otter is capable of accurately and quickly recording and transcribing in real-time. Although it needs some prior training, the app's AI can distinguish between different speakers, enabling you to easily transcript whole conversations.

AVR – Awesome Voice Recorder

The AVR app has a number of sophisticated functions, like labeling, merging multiple files, and many more. It features a straightforward layout that is generally easy to use, but novice users may occasionally find it tough.

Voice Memo

Voice Memo has a decent selection of features that work well for the majority of basic users, which include file cutting if the video is a little too long, and it comes pre-installed on all iPhones.

Given that it comes pre-installed, this app is a fantastic place to start if you are new to voice recording; however, as your skills develop, you will probably want to upgrade to a better, more feature-rich app. This software has a lot of positive aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recover deleted files from a voice recorder app iPhone? 

Deleted recordings are temporarily stored in a folder named Recently Deleted. From that folder, either select the desired files and click Recover or Recover All to restore everything at once.

How do you use a voice recorder app on your iPhone? 

To begin recording, hit the red button, and hit it again to stop. Press the record button once more to continue recording or save the file to your recording archive.

Final Thoughts

This article has actually provided an extreme breakdown of the most effective voice recorder apps for iPhone that can be made use of for various reasons according to the necessity of the individual. This write-up has offered a relative and also a very clear-cut study of these apps that would permit you to pick the best app among the list of voice recorders on the market.

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