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Can You Still Use Secure VPN Services in Canada?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

VPN Unlimited coverage though global servers is growing day by day, so does the customer audience who choses our service as their primary guard for online security. Every country is entitled to make their own decisions and pass on a variety of laws to protect their citizens from online fraud and cybercriminal activity. On our part, we as a legitimate company do our best to monitor all the changes and fully adhere to the rules and requirements of every nation while delivering quality Internet protection.

Just a few days ago, Canada has passed a copyright law which requires to retain customer logs. In this post, we will discuss a new Canadian legislature related to the use of VPN and will provide you with practical advice how you can continue using VPN Unlimited for your ultimate online protection.


New Canadian Law

In order to process piracy notices the government of Canada has enacted an amendment concerning its copyright law. Making it a legal requirement for Canadian ISPs, it is mandatory to retain access logs of customers. With this new law, VPN users are seemingly put at risk. At this point, the Canadian ISPs will forward copyright infringement notices to their existing subscribers.

The Canadian users are notified that this new law is to provide a safe harbor for ISPs and, as a result, it will produce a surge in online pirating activity that will surface the piracy settlement schemes. At first look, the new amendment is to cause troubles for both VPN providers and users. As you know, official VPN providers do not retain customer logs for security reasons and to sustain the ultimate online privacy.

The new law preceded a whole lot of public and private discussions in Canada, yet it was introduced with the purpose of improvement of terms of non-commercial file-sharing with adaptation of a “notice-and-notice” policy for ISPs, going effective on January 2nd, 2015.

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What are Results and Consequences?

  1. VPN service providers are required to forward copyright notices to their customers.
  2. VPN providers who are not ready to comply will be charged a fine of up to $10,000 CAN.
  3. As the law is to target the so-called settlement schemes, the copyright holders ask subscribers who are noticed in pirating to pay a fee.
  4. VPN providers are pushed to collect data to identify pirating customers, followed by the infringement notices.
  5. Companies must retain access logs for a minimum of six months and break the anonymity rule, a key feature of any VPN service.

What to Do?

If, by any reason, the newly passed Canadian law is a major concern to you, there is a solution. Being a VPN Unlimited existing or new customer, you can retain from choosing a server located anywhere in Canada and switch between other servers that are provided in plenty by the Simplex Solutions Inc. closest to your current location. On our part, our company has no intent to keep your Internet access logs and we will continue to sustain your online privacy at 100%. As a result, you can continue to benefit from using our ultimate online security with all the benefits applicable to your service subscription plan. Keep on browsing! And stay safe!

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