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Top 10 Blogs for Those Who Care About Their Online Security and Privacy

People of all ages reading top 10 blogs on online security and privacy

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Online security and privacy no longer concern solely IT specialists and network administrators. Nowadays, with global hacking and intrusive surveillance being on the rise, these topics are every netizen’s business. Despite how complex it might seem at first sight, protecting your online data and your anonymity on the internet is not that hard. However, this does require putting your time and your thoughts to the cause.

These last 5 years, we at VPN Unlimited blog have been tirelessly covering internet security, anonymity, and privacy. However, we realize that there is only so much splash that a single blog can make. The collective wisdom of the crowd, on the other hand, is another story. Appealing to it can mean the difference between a relaxed, safe browsing, and getting your sensitive data compromised and your identity – traced.

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To help you draw upon the wisdom of the crowd, we’re presenting you these top 10 blogs on online security and privacy. They notably differ, some will suit you better than the others. But at the end of the day, you will find that easily any of them is worth your time, as they are all aimed at making your online life better. Check out our top picks, and stay safe!

  1. Digital Guardian’s blog
  2. Security Magazine’s blog
  3. The State of Security blog by Tripwire
  4. WeLiveSecurity by ESET
  5. SecurityIntelligence
  6. Avast blog
  7. SANS Security Awareness blog
  8. Security blog by Micro Focus
  9. Naked Security by Sophos
  10. Internet Citizen by Mozilla


  1. Digital Guardian’s blog

Digital Guardian’s blog

Number of posts: 4-6 per week

Digital Guardian maintains that “data loss prevention is more important than ever”, and that they’re reinventing it. Their blog certainly represents this position, covering topics like data protection, security news, and threat research.

Top posts:

  • What is SOX Compliance? 2019 SOX Requirements & More
  • What Is Data Encryption? Definition, Best Practices & More
  1. Security Magazine’s blog

Security Magazine’s blog

Number of posts: 2-4 per month

Security Magazine offers essential security information for businesses and professionals. It covers multiple security-related themes, cybersecurity being only one of them, albeit crucial. On their blog, numerous specialists (including c-suites) are discussing pressing topics of their fields, and their impact on the whole industry.

Top posts:

  • Top Security Guarding Companies Report 2017
  • The Top Cybersecurity Schools
  1. The State of Security blog by Tripwire

The State of Security blog by tripwire

Number of posts: 8-10 per week

On this blog, you’ll learn everything there is to know about security in all its various forms, and how to control it. The authors present reports, discuss best practices and latest security news, explore tools and ways that help, and much more.

Top posts:

  • How to Stalk Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger
  • How to Protect Yourself From Caller ID Spoofing
  1. WeLiveSecurity by ESET

WeLiveSecurity by ESET

Number of posts: 8-10 per week

The official blog of ESET, world-famous Antivirus software developers. These guys sure know their share about security! What better place to learn all the nooks and crannies of the world of cybercrime and the to protect yourself?

Top posts:

  • Turn the light on and give me your passwords!
  • Are you being tracked? How to spot a tracking app on your phone
  1. SecurityIntelligence

SecurityIntelligence blog

Number of posts: 2-4 per week

SecurityIntelligence blog aims to provide security professionals all around the world with the most useful and practical content. Hundreds of top-of-their-game specialists from the cybersecurity industry are writing for them, and it sure shows!

Top posts:

  • How STIX, TAXII and CybOX Can Help With Standardizing Threat Information
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment
  1. Avast blog

Avast blog

Number of posts: 5-6 per week

Another blog by antivirus security specialists. This one is different from the ESET’s, though, in that it oftentimes covers various industry-related events, such as conferences and meetings. Great source of all-around information on the topic.

Top posts:

  • Junior’s First Device: Device Safety and Safest Phones for Kids
  • How to detect and remove a virus from your Android phone
  1. SANS Security Awareness blog

SANS Security Awareness blog

Number of posts: 3-5 per month

This blog’s main goal is raising security awareness and providing actionable tips on keeping yourself and your business secure. Considering SANS’ wealth of experience with all aspects of cyber protection, teaching others how to secure themselves seems like a brilliant application of this organization’s knowledge.

Top posts:

  • Applying Security Awareness to the Cyber Kill Chain
  • The Congressional Report on Equifax Hack
  1. Security blog by Micro Focus

Security blog by Micro Focus Number of posts: 3-4 per week

This resource focuses on the proactive approach to cybersecurity. That is, on managing threats before they manifest, staying ahead of cybercriminals before they attack. A sound principle indeed, as far as we’re concerned!

Top posts:

  • Why Unified Endpoint Management Solutions Create Better Enterprises
  • What is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important?
  1. Naked Security by Sophos

Naked Security by Sophos Number of posts: 3-5 per day

Now that’s one enthusiastic blog, isn’t it? Posting 3-5 posts a day AND keeping them interesting, useful, and comprehensive – why, this is something to give credit for! A great choice for anyone with enough free time to actually sit down and engulf all that information.

Top posts:

  • Using Yahoo Mail? You should turn on this privacy option as soon as possible
  • The Pirate Bay is plundering your CPU for cryptocash, again
  1. Internet Citizen by Mozilla

Internet Citizen by Mozilla

Number of posts: 5-6 per month

If you’d think that the developers of one of the world’s most popular browsers have a lot to say about cybersecurity… You’d be totally correct! On their blog, this topic is mixed with privacy-related matters, which adds a new, welcome standpoint to our list.

Top posts:

  • Do you need a VPN?
  • The Banality of [Prison] Email

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