На жаль, вміст цієї сторінки наразі недоступний вибраною мовою.

VPN Browser Extension – getting to a new level of online security and freedom

Security threat defeated. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited browser extension

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Updated on Jun. 01, 2018.

Another great sporting event is around the corner – FIFA World Cup 2018! Don’t miss the favorite games broadcast and don’t let any geoblocks spoil your plans. Get VPN web browser extension and bypass any restrictions. Check out this article for more details.

Great news! Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of a VPN browser extension by KeepSolid for Google Chrome.  Browsing the web is even more secure and private now. Moreover, in celebration of UEFA Euro 2016 you can get it for FREE through June 10th. This means you can enjoy soccer games on BBC, ITV or on beIN Sports Connect without paying extra.

VPN extension – lightweight but strong

VPN Unlimited browser extension has all the benefits of our VPN security app. However, if we talk about your online privacy, it gives you even greater protection when you use web browsers with the WebRTC protocol applied by default. WebRTC is a technology that relies on JavaScript that can leak your actual IP address. This can affect your personal data, including credit card details, passwords, or your location because the IP address serves adversaries as an entry point to this information.

Our lightweight browser extension will easily let you turn off the WebRTC protocol in the browser. Hence, you will get the highest possible anonymity online. This new eye-popping security solution offers you a safe browsing on any network, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, protects you from tracking and data theft, and enables you to get complete online freedom, bypassing all sorts of internet restrictions, blocks and censorship. Install VPN Unlimited to your browser and enjoy the smoothest web experience ever.

What will you get with a VPN plugin by KeepSolid?

  • No limits on traffic bandwidth and connection speed.
  • Complete anonymity online.
  • Complex encryption of your browser traffic.
  • Protection of your valuable private data, such as credit cards and passwords.
  • Access to the variety of VPN Unlimited servers worldwide including popular USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Japan and lots more.
  • Impenetrable shield against any attack on public WiFi hotspots.
  • Access to location-restricted web resources and bypassing the internet censorship.
  • Easy to install and use VPN for browsing. VPN Unlimited will work right from your favorite web browser.

How to secure your web browsing

You don’t need any technical background to set it up. Just a few clicks are required to get started:

  • Download extension for Chrome.
  • Create KeepSolid ID (if you don’t have one yet) and log in.
  • Choose a server and click Connect. That’s it!

Don’t pay for the broadcast. Save with VPN Unlimited. Get VPN plugin now and enjoy watching all soccer games for FREE!

Download VPN Unlimited

Get VPN Unlimited right now and start enjoying a secure and private internet with absolutely no borders!