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How Can I Cancel Audible Membership

If you’ve been too busy to listen to audiobooks lately, or you’d prefer to switch back to the real book reading experience and turn pages yourself, you may want to know how to cancel your Audible membership. Before you proceed, make sure to spend all your existing credits before canceling your membership because you will lose them all upon the termination of membership. You may also try downloading your titles to your computer or mobile so that you can listen to them while you’re offline as well.

If you’ve ever been looking for a known audiobook on Audible with no hope because it was not available in your region, make sure you read this guide to the end. We’ve got you covered!

How to Cancel an Audible Subscription

So, how can you stop getting charged unnecessarily over an unwanted subscription? You need to go to the official Audible website to cancel it. Removing the app from your device has no effect on your membership. And if you try to cancel your membership on your mobile, you will be directed to the official website.

Note that Audible, just like Amazon, uses numerous domain names (Audible.com, Audible.it, etc.). Use the right domain name where you initially started your membership. If you log in to Audible on the wrong domain, you won’t find your subscription data; hence, you won’t be able to cancel or modify it.

You don’t need to worry about losing your purchased titles. They are forever yours to keep, even after membership cancellation. As long as you don't remove your titles, they will remain in your library, and you have lifelong listening rights to go back to them and re-listen.

Now, after finding the proper Audible website, follow the five steps below:

1. In your browser, at the top right-hand corner of the page, Tap or click on Sign in.

Main Page Audible

2. On the next page, enter your login credentials and press Sign in.

Sign In Audible

3. Hover your cursor over Hi, Name, and choose Account Details.

Audible Membership Status

4. Next, click on Cancel membership below the text box that shows your current membership information.

Audible Membership Details

5. Before you confirm, we remind you again to use any remaining credits you may have, as you will lose all of them at the end of your billing period. Now scroll down and press No, continue cancellation.

No Continue Cancellation

That’s it! You will now receive an email confirmation shortly.


What Is Audible

Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon Inc, is an audiobook and podcast streaming service. Users can buy and stream audiobooks and other spoken audio content on Audible and enjoy its vast library. Titles can be purchased individually or under a subscription. Also, If you are an Amazon Prime user, you can enjoy limited-period access to Audible content for free. 

However, If your free access is over or is about to end, you may want to cancel your membership so that you no longer will be charged month after month. You may have initially chosen to be a subscriber but over time changed your mind and wished to get audiobooks individually. Whatever your reason is, this guide will show you how to cancel membership effectively.

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