MonoDefense Software Bundle

Check out MonoDefense® - a software bundle containing KeepSolid’s best-selling products for all-around internet protection and freedom. In this article you will learn what software is included in the bundle, why buy MonoDefense as opposed to separate apps, and if you personally need this solution. Enjoy!

About MonoDefense

MonoDefense is a truly exhaustive cybersecurity software bundle. It’s fit for both personal and corporate use. MonoDefense apps allow users to ​​browse the web freely and securely. Protect your personal data, sensitive information, passwords, privacy, and anonymity. It’s also a hassle-free solution to protect your whole business, teams, and individual members.

How MonoDefense Software Bundle Protects You

  • Impenetrable AES-256 data encryption protocol
  • Top-notch VPN protocols, including WireGuard®, IKEv2, OpenVPN®, and KeepSolid Wise
  • Two-factor authentication for extra security
  • Local device protection via biometric verification, pin code, password, etc.
  • No-log policy for your complete privacy and anonymity
  • 3000+ high-speed VPN servers in over 80 locations around the world

What’s Inside the MonoDefense Software Bundle

VPN Unlimited

  • Protects your data from cybercriminals with the AES-256 encryption protocol
  • Ensures your privacy and anonymity against ISP, corporate, and government surveillance 
  • Helps bypass geo-blocking and content censorship

Since you’re reading this on the VPN Unlimited website, you’re likely most familiar with this security app in the MonoDefense software bundle. VPN, a.k.a. Virtual Private Network, is a service that encrypts the user’s web traffic and relays it via a remote VPN server. 

Encrypting your web traffic with the AES-256 protocol protects all the data you send to the internet. This includes your messages, account credentials, search queries, etc. VPN Unlimited encryption protects all that from both accidental data leaks and an intentional interception. 

Sending your traffic through a VPN server - a dedicated node between your device and the destination - grants your anonymity, privacy, and freedom. This hides your real IP address and physical location from unauthorized parties and allows you to bypass geo-blocking and internet censorship.

Get VPN Unlimited and enjoy unlimited browsing experience!


  • Securely stores all your passwords, protected with strong encryption
  • Protects your credentials even under duress with Duress Mode
  • Supports streamlined data import and unlimited devices

Passwarden® is an ultimate password management tool. It allows users to create passwords (or have the app generate strong ones), save them along with other personal information in secure vaults, have authentication forms filled for you when necessary, etc. It’s an easy-to-use app with an intuitive interface and a host of security features.

First and foremost, Passwarden is a password manager. With this app, you will only ever have to remember a single password - that of Passwarden. All other passwords will be conveniently stored in the app’s secured vaults. It’s super easy to add new ones or to retrieve them when needed. 

Passwarden is rocking KeepSolid’s signature data encryption. It’s the end-to-end encryption, mind you, which means that no information leaves your device unprotected. Even when stored on our servers, it stays encrypted. No one - not even our own employees - will be able to read your data. After all, the best cybersecurity software is one that protects you from all possible attack vectors.

Get Passwarden to secure your passwords and personal information

DNS Firewall by KeepSolid

  • Protects users from dangerous and compromised websites
  • Filters malicious traffic
  • Offers curated and customizable lists of blocked or trusted resources

DNS Firewall offers you unmatched protection against malicious and inappropriate sites. This internet security software analyzes domains that your device attempts to reach in real-time, blocking sites and services that are dangerous or otherwise unwanted. 

DNS Firewall utilizes curated and customizable blocklists. Whenever a domain finds itself in one of those, it will be blocked and you won't be able to access it. Blocklists include websites that are known to be malicious, as well as any other types of sites that you may want to avoid. Sites with inappropriate content? Phishing sites? Services with obtrusive advertisement practices? You decide!

DNS Firewall allows you to prevent, rather than cure. You get to know about a malicious website before any damage is done, dodging the bullet. Sure, an antivirus may protect you from a piece of malware that has already been identified and analyzed. But with DNS Firewall, even the newest and most elaborate malicious software will be denied even a chance to get to you!

Get DNS Firewall by KeepSolid to block malicious traffic and inappropriate content

SmartDNS by KeepSolid

  • Grants access to the world’s best streaming services, including Disney+, Hulu, Max, etc.
  • Allows to watch movies and TV shows online in the best quality without lags
  • Can bypass even the most elaborate restrictions that other services can’t

Now that you’re properly protected from all sorts of dangers with the previous three entries of this software bundle, it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy some quality video-streaming entertainment. SmartDNS software allows you to do just that, regardless of any geo-blocking or internet censorship. Even if a streaming service, or a part of its content, is unavailable in your location, with this app you’ll be able to view it.

SmartDNS by KeepSolid provides access to a wide range of streaming channels, including Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, iTV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sony Crackle, RaiPlay, Max, ESPN+, CBS, NBC, NFL, Discovery+, Vevo, etc.

SmartDNS is much better suited for unblocking streaming services than proxies or even VPNs. First of all, unlike those services, SmartDNS doesn’t slow down your internet speed, allowing users to stream content in FullHD without lags. Second, many streaming channels that want to limit access to their content have the means to block proxy and VPN traffic, but it’s nigh impossible to block SmartDNS traffic. 


Get SmartDNS to unblock best streaming services without lags

Authenticator by KeepSolid

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added protection.
  • Generate secure codes for account access.
  • Defend against unauthorized login attempts.

Authenticator by KeepSolid is an essential tool for increasing the security of your online accounts. It is an integral part of two-factor authentication (2FA), providing an additional level of protection over traditional usernames and passwords. Authenticator by KeepSolid provides an extra layer of security by providing a unique code to access an account.

Our application generates a time-limited secret code that is entered to complete the login process. This dynamic code significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to the account by ensuring that only authorized individuals can log in.

In a world full of digital threats, you can strengthen your online security with Authenticator by KeepSolid. This solution is crafted to safeguard your online accounts effectively.

Get your online security today with Authenticator by KeepSolid

Why Choose the MonoDefense Software Bundle

  • Convenient
    All essential security solutions handily available in one package. No need to search and choose dedicated services for different needs.
  • Cost-effective
    All solutions are available under a single subscription, at a bulk price, covering several devices with a single subscription.
  • Reliable
    Unlike other similar offers, all products within the MonoDefense software bundle are proprietary applications. We don’t provide user data to anyone outside the company.
  • User-friendly
    KeepSolid is well-known for its intuitive and elegantly simple apps. In addition to them, you get access to a centralized user office and 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Universal
    All solutions in the MonoDefense software bundle are available on all popular devices and platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and much more.

What You Get With the MonoDefense Software Bundle

Unblocked web content

With MonoDefense, you can easily access any elusive online content. Streaming movies and TV shows, downloading torrents, browsing and chatting on social media, visiting websites and services… Whatever you do and wherever you go, we’ll ensure that you can access your favorite sites.

Total internet security

MonoDefense will protect your data, personal information, and devices from cybercriminals. AES-256 encryption will render your internet traffic, passwords, and sensitive data unreadable to third parties. Firewall capabilities will keep you away from malicious websites. Local security features will ensure you are always in control.

Absolute privacy

Never again worry about your privacy and anonymity! Choose out of 3000+ lightning-fast servers and hide your real location. You will be assigned a virtual IP address, meaning no ISP, corporate, or government observers will be able to bind your online activities and your real identity.

Safe public WiFi

Free WiFi hotspots teem with all sorts of malware, spyware, and other threats. It’s dangerous to go alone, take this bundle! Thanks to a combination of security features of MonoDefense apps, you can merrily connect to any free public WiFi and stay totally safe. It’s even possible to have the protection kick in automatically!

Bypassed online censorship

Network providers, be it your school, work, ISP, or even the government, have total control over your internet. They can, and often do, restrict netizens’ access to certain content they deem “inappropriate”. Not a fan of such censorship? We’ll let nothing stay between you and the internet!

Get MonoDefense now for all-around online security, privacy, and freedom!


“OpenVPN” is a registered trademark of OpenVPN Inc. “WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.