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The online privacy of our customers is our key priority, and so we at KeepSolid enforce a strict no-log policy. In this detailed guide on our no-log VPN service, we answer the following questions:

  • What a no-log VPN is
  • Why the VPN logging policy is so important for you
  • What the VPN Unlimited no-logs policy is
  • How VPN Unlimited grants you online privacy

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What a no-log VPN means

An app log is generally meant a list consisting of application info, system performance, and user activities in this service. A VPN log, in turn, includes all the information that is transferred through the network. As a result, a no-log (also called zero-log) VPN implies that a VPN application doesn’t collect any private data or online activity of their users. A no-log VPN policy stands for the absolute anonymity of users and not saving any of their private details and online-activity data. Choosing a VPN app with such a policy, you ensure that no one (including your no-log VPN provider) encroaches on your online privacy.

Basics of the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® no-log policy

Striving to safeguard your online identity, we take your online anonymity very seriously. Our team doesn’t recognize any other policy but a no-log one, and so we can confidently say KeepSolid VPN Unlimited doesn’t store or keep logs of your online activity. Thanks to our no-logs VPN policy, we don’t associate your online activities with your account, email, device, or IP address in no case. 

To make sure no unauthorized parties and cybercriminals access your private data, we do not log the following information that transfers the network during your VPN session:

  • Browsing history 
  • Connection times
  • Metadata 
  • Downloads 
  • Server usage 
  • Data content 
  • IP address*


For more information, you can always check out our Privacy Policy and Data Usage Regulations.

*During a VPN session, the VPN server stores your IP address in-memory only to ensure a proper work of the app. We do not store your IP address after your VPN session ends.

How our zero-log VPN app grants you complete online anonymity


DNS Firewall

Thanks to this security feature, our no-log VPN filters malicious traffic in real time, blocks malware and phishing sites, and boosts your online protection to an even more advanced level. To top it off, it allows you to avoid inappropriate content and create custom block lists.

Сryptocurrency payment

You can easily pay for our no-log VPN service via a cryptocurrency like bitcoin. As a result, you won’t leave a trace of who you are and will remain anonymous. The 30-day money-back guarantee is also included for all cryptocurrency payments. 

AES-256 encryption

We at KeepSolid follow world standards concerning online security, and so our app uses only the military-level 256-bit encryption. Even the US government uses this encryption method to protect their top-secret information proving how invulnerable it is to brute force attacks. 

No-logs VPN policy

As we already said, we take your online privacy very seriously. That’s why we don’t keep logs of your online activity, especially the details that can harm your online anonymity. In the end, if there is nothing to store, there is nothing to share with third parties.

What data we collect and why we do so

Device name or code & number of connected devices


Identification in social networks (Optional)

IP address & geographic location

OS version, language, type of connection, & WiFi network

Time zone

Total amount of traffic for a session and session dates (Optional)

Custom parameters that you add in our app

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