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What Experts Say About VPN Unlimited

Brief Review of the VPN Unlimited App

VPN Unlimited is a solution that encrypts and reroutes all your internet traffic through VPN servers. This allows you to protect your online activity from tracking by third parties and helps to bypass geographic restrictions on the web. VPN Unlimited offers 3000+ super-fast VPN servers in 80+ locations worldwide. Moreover, you can use all the benefits of VPN Unlimited on any desktop or mobile platform:

Brief Review of the VPN Unlimited App


Get All the Benefits of a Full-Featured VPN App by KeepSolid

How can a VPN app help you and your family? Here’s a brief review of all the features and benefits you can get with VPN Unlimited:

  • vpn-benefits-encryption_17330


    VPN Unlimited implements up-to-date encryption algorithms and essential protection mechanisms. 

  • vpn-benefits-policy_17341

    No-log Policy

    VPN Unlimited app doesn’t store any of your data. So any third party will not be able to review or intercept it, or demand KeepSolid to submit your personal information to them.

  • vpn-benefits-public_17332

    No geo-blocking

    With more than 3000 servers all over the world, VPN Unlimited allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship wherever you are.

  • vpn-benefits-devices_17331


    Whatever device you have, you can download VPN Unlimited and enjoy its benefits. Get the app by KeepSolid for any platform and connect to fast and reliable VPN servers.

  • vpn-benefits-switch_17333

    Kill Switch

    Up-to-date Kill Switch feature guarantees that no data will be leaked even if you have any VPN disruptions.

  • vpn-benefits-emergency_17338

    No digital surveillance

    Due to traffic encryption and rerouting, your ISP or government will not be able to detect your traffic or disclose your identity.

  • vpn-benefits-money_17339

    Regional pricing

    Take advantage of regional pricing with the VPN Unlimited app. Now you can connect to local online stores and find better deals and cheaper goods.

  • vpn-benefits-favorite_17340

    User-friendly interface

    VPN Unlimited app was designed keeping ease of use in mind. All the interface elements are intuitive and clear even for a child. The authorization process is pretty easy as well.

What Our Users Say About VPN Unlimited

Review the benefits and buy a subscription plan to break free from internet censorship with VPN Unlimited.