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VPN Unlimited for Bern

Wohnst du in Bern? Are you traveling to Bern? Grüessech! 

Although there is little or no Internet censorship in Switzerland, According to a 2019 survey, most Swiss internet users self-censor because they are concerned about surveillance. These fears have only increased given the contemporary climate and the direction the world is headed just after the mentioned survey.

No matter how free you may be on the web, no amount of online freedom should satiate your desire. We will pass you the flaming torch of online freedom with our best VPN solution for Bern. Access anything online securely without a big-boogie-brother watching every move you make. No more cyber fears. Discover the benefits of our VPN and own your online freedom in Bern. With VPN Unlimited, you’re sovereign. Swiss style!

Benefits You Get from VPN Unlimited in Bern

We offer many servers around the globe with superfast connections and unmatched performance. They are situated in the most cyberspacially popular locations to suit your needs and give you the online freedom you deserve in Bern. With VPN Unlimited, you can stream US Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more, without a hassle.

  • Safeguard your data using encryption and 2FA
  • View geographically restricted social media and streaming channels
  • Save money, exploiting deals available abroad only
  • Apply supplementary features such as personal servers & IPs like a professional
  • Protect your private data and credentials on public WiFi
  • Enjoy a wide range of locations & servers worldwide

Compatibility of VPN Unlimited with My Device

All major platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux) support VPN Unlimited so that you can have it on almost any device of yours. It’s also accessible for setup on your router, smart TV, or gaming console by upgrading the firmware. Furthermore, you can download VPN Unlimited extension to your favorite browser and easily secure its traffic while surfing the net.

Bern Proxy vs Bern VPN - What to Choose

By using a virtual private network (VPN) you can safeguard your privacy and secure your information by creating a secure tunnel between your computer and the internet. Since VPN secures your entire internet data, nobody can observe it. The benefits VPN Unlimited can provide you in contrast to proxy servers:


  • Absolute anonymity wherever in the world

  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

  • Privacy from surveillance via digital


But if you want to use a proxy in Bern, Switzerland you need:


Step 1

Get a proxy or DNS server you need to connect


Step 2

Connect it through settings (depending on your device):


Windows: Settings > Network & Internet 

macOS: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies 

iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Configure Proxy

Android: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Modify Network > Advanced Options > Manual

The legality of VPNs in Bern

Switzerland is a free country, and the use of Virtual Private Networks is absolutely legal in Bern. It is your right to go online anonymously.

Get the best VPN for Bern

Circumvent geo-restrictions LEGALLY on all your devices.

How to Get Started with VPN Unlimited


Step 2

Launch and pick the right server


Step 3

Unblock restricted content carefreely

Reasons Why VPN Unlimited Is the Best for Bern

Zero IP leak

A VPN spoofs your IP address and stops unwelcome parties from tracking you online. Nonetheless, authorities may still be able to view your IP address if you don’t employ the right solution. Luckily, our solution applies WebRTC and DNS leak tests for you to check on your IP exposure. Also, a security feature called Kill Switch will stop your internet connection as soon as it gets interrupted, keeping the risk of leakage at bay.

3000+ servers in 80+ locations

VPN Unlimited lets you virtually move from Bern to any of the 80+ locations by connecting to a server there. Apart from the ability to stream geo-blocked media, trading your actual IP may help you save money by grabbing cheaper deals abroad. Please note that you cannot view Swiss content available only in Bern from abroad, as we don’t have any proprietary server in Bern. Though Zurich server is still available. Be sure to check out our servers/locations here.

Multiple devices and Zero-log policy

You’re enabled to protect up to 5 different devices with one subscription. If you have more devices to protect, just upgrade your plan and get any number of free slots.

It is binding for VPNs to pass certain information to authorities. Ensuring whether your solution saves your logs is imperative. VPN Unlimited does not store your activity logs. We have nothing to report on you, ever!

Total security on public WiFi

The inconvenient truth is that public WiFi hotspots are often involved with cybercrime. Hackers are constantly lurking around such public places, trying to trick you into connecting to fake hotspots. Once connected to one, your cybersecurity is compromised. VPN Unlimited applies AES-256 encryption and 2FA, keeping your credentials and identity off the hook.

FAQ on Using VPN Solution for Bern

How much does a subscription cost? Can I use it for free?

Our subscriptions cost the same in every country. Please see the Pricing page to learn about our subscription plans/costs and check back for our occasional promotions. 

Freedom is not free. We highly advise you against using free VPNs to bypass blocks. They often sell your private information to advertisers to keep their business up and running. VPN Unlimited is not a free service but offers a full-featured 7-day free trial for you to check out. It doesn’t end there; you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee if our service is not as good as everyone says it is!

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please see this page to learn more about our solution in Switzerland. Should you have more questions regarding our VPN solution in Bern, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at [email protected]

How to get a Bernese IP address?

Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited does not have a server in Bern yet. But you can still connect to another Swiss server in Zurich. You can also choose any other server around the world to enhance your digital protection on the web and stay anonymous.

To get an available IP address you need:

  1. Download and install VPN Unlimited.
  2. Log in with your KeepSolid ID or register a new one.
  3. Pick the needed server in the Servers list.
  4. Tap Connect.

And don't forget to follow our updates, VPN Unlimited team is working hard on expanding its network of servers. Stay tuned!

Download our app and enjoy your online freedom now!