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How to Buy at Barnes & Noble if You Are Outside the US

In a nutshell, Barnes & Noble is an online bookstore that lets you buy the best selection of books, NOOK ebooks, magazines, music, movies, toys & games are also available.

The company has been providing a wide range of products since 1873. Today, most people know them as an online bookstore because it acquired in 2001. At the time, that site was one of the largest online bookstores in the world. By 2006, the company was seeing $1 Billion in sales annually.

The Nook platform has been so successful that it has become the eReader of choice for many consumers around the world.

If you’re an avid reader, you might consider saving money when you buy books, because some books are really pricey. To do this, you can use a VPN to hide your IP, so the Barnes & Noble store or any other store won’t show you overly priced items based on your location. Instead, the website will show you the “real” price, because it thinks that you're outside of your country.


Change Your IP Address Using VPN Unlimited

So, how to buy at Barnes & Noble if you are outside the US?

To make online stores think that you’re accessing them from outside your location, you can change your IP address, then connect your device to one of our 3000 servers.

VPN Unlimited offers awesome performance and lightning-fast connection speeds. To do so, we've created a massive VPN server list that includes VPN Europe servers, VPN US servers, and any other servers you might require.

  • 3000+ super-fast servers that are available on our VPN server map.
  • Over 80 server locations to choose from.
  • Stable connection 
  • Servers for specific needs
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To change your IP address, please follow these steps:

  1. Download VPN Unlimited for free
  2. Create a new KeepSolid ID or sign in with your existing one.
  3. Buy a personal IP address.
  4. Launch the app and tap the START button to access the VPN server list.
  5. Use your personal IP address to connect.

You’re all set now! You know how to order at Barnes & Noble if you are outside the US!

Benefits of Using VPN Unlimited

Total Security

You are completely secure with whatever data you upload (personal passwords or credit card information), and whatever WiFi you use. We encrypt your personal information to keep it safe from snoopers and hackers.

Unlimited devices

Pay for 1 get 4 for FREE! Alternatively, you can use our VPN on a limitless number of devices with only one subscription. Any device (desktop, tablet, phone) and any platform can be used (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux).

Privacy is guaranteed

On every website, from any place, you will stay anonymous and untracked. Your privacy is protected by switching your actual location (IP address). As a result, websites, hackers, and advertisers will be unable to track you.

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