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Is ‌‌ Safe to Use For Managing Your Finances?

Do you need to manage your invoices and payments securely? could be a good solution since it is an end-to-end fund transfer platform. However, there’s an important aspect to making secure payments, namely privacy. Let’s find out how to address this privacy issue with our best solution.


What is is an American software company, based in California, that provides automated and cloud-based financial operations. It’s a safe and legitimate solution that offers the service to financial institutions in 100+ countries as part of their online business banking ecosystem.

Small to midsize businesses as well as accounting firms use to track bills and to have one portal to see all their invoices, payments, and vendor documents. offers the convenience of allowing people to pay bills without having to come to an office. This is especially useful in small non-profit organizations where checks are signed regularly. also allows the user to track who approved and who signed his/her check, offering the organization invaluable transparency and internal control.


Is It Safe to Trust Your Funds with

Bill com is generally a reliable and safe payment solution. It implements a Two-Factor Authentication system for maximum security. It logs out customers automatically after a certain period of inactivity, and actively educates customers on the risks of email compromise schemes. All of these measures help protect against unauthorized access to the user’s account.

  • also applies an extra level of encryption to protect access to customers’ sensitive data from malicious apps. It applies standard cipher suites to protect customer data during communication on the internet.
  • adopts an Anti-Money Laundering Program designed to prevent its service from being used for money laundering, violating sanctions, or other illegal purposes.


However, no matter how safe and reliable your payment system is, your ISP can track your payments. Your Internet service provider is always able to peer into your online activities without you noticing unless you use a good VPN solution.

ISPs often claim to track their users’ online activities to improve user experience. But there may be other reasons for their monitoring, including selling user data to advertisers and illegally profiting from it. Also, your ISP can track you online to see whether you exploit your bandwidth and throttle your connection. This would potentially frustrate you and make you want to upgrade to a more expensive internet package.

Privacy is an essential aspect of online security. Using a reliable VPN allows you to hide your IP address and go online without being detected. VPN Unlimited secures your online privacy as you’re managing your payments on Bill com.

VPN Unlimited Benefits

VPN Unlimited uses safe AES-256 encryption technology to make your data unreadable to adversaries. VPN Unlimited offers quite a few benefits, including:

Protection of an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription, support for virtually all platforms and operating systems

Over 3000 fast servers in more than 80 locations around the world.

24/7 support to help you with possible issues via email [email protected]

Download VPN Unlimited now and make your online activities private by ISPs

other platforms

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