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How Safe Is Your Data When You Are Using is one of the biggest and most used travel booking websites in the world. They assist users to travel with ease by providing them with affordable accommodation according to their needs. The website is very helpful and user-friendly suitable to be used by anyone who has access to a computer or a smart device. allows users to leave reviews of their experiences with the platform, as well as their experiences with booked places. These reviews are useful when booking a place to stay because they give you a guideline to know whether the place you are booking will meet your needs. In this article, we will discuss whether this website is safe and reliable for booking your holiday accommodation.


Is a Legit Platform?

Yes, it is. is used and highly recommended by travelers all over the world. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, this platform is trusted to make your booking arrangements pleasant. Among many places you can book on the platform, there are known hotels and B&Bs that advertise on This makes this platform trusted by most people as places that can be booked are real existing businesses.


Is Reliable?

The reliability of this platform is fair. Although there are many good reviews on the platform, there are some reviews that are not so good. Some people complain that the accommodation images used can be outdated and inaccurate. Therefore, when using the platform, you must do thorough research and ensure that you book with caution. It is also advisable to check the places from other accommodation websites to verify their legitimacy.


Is Safe?

When using, you are required to register your details to ensure that you get the best service from the platform. You must provide personal details such as your name, your contact information, and your payment card number among others. These are important and sensitive particulars that carry a high level of online security risk if they are mismanaged.

Although promises to keep the data of those who use the platform safe, users have a responsibility to ensure that they are protected while using Data is very important and can share it with other third parties that they work with. 

It is advisable that you do not rely on any platform to keep your data safe, but rather employ a powerful tool such as VPN Unlimited to do this task for you when you are online.


A Golden Tip to Keep Your Data Safe Using VPN Unlimited

  • No matter what you use the internet for, your online data will always be exposed to cyber risks unless you connect to a reliable VPN. Using VPN Unlimited allows you to browse any website anonymously without being tracked by third parties.
  • VPN Unlimited encrypts your internet traffic while it travels from your computer to its secure servers. Your sensitive data is completely safe and kept private, this includes your IP address.  
  • To ensure that your data is safe and completely private, VPN Unlimited has a Zero Log policy which seeks to assure users that their online activities will not be stored by VPN Unlimited.

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other platforms

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