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Are You Safe When Using is a website that has internet download directory allowing users to discover free-to-try legal downloads. It has a large catalog that consists of different downloadable content such as software, music, videos, and games. has different products that can be used across various devices such as Mac, Windows, mobile iOS, Android, and others. 

In this article, we will go further to discuss the legitimacy, reliability, and safety of this website and whether you can trust this site to keep your data protected while you download online content.


Is a Legit Website? is a legit website that was launched in 1996 as part of CNET.  This website is visited by millions of users who enjoy downloading content and some of its users do not shy away from sharing positive reviews about which makes it a trusted website for the most part. ensures that applications and software available for download is rigorously tested to ensure that it is free from malware and other threats. 


Is a Reliable and Trustworthy Service?

When it comes to the reliability of this platform, we cannot guarantee that the website is 100% reliable. There are over hundred thousand downloadable freeware and shareware on this platform and such a large library of content from all over the world increases the probability of malware in installation. In 2015, research by Emsisoft suggested that all free download portals bundled their downloads with potentially unwanted software and that was the worst offender.

Although has Malicious Software Policies, cyber criminals always have tricks they can use to mask malware and spyware in intelligent ways.


Is Safe and Does It Protect Your Sensitive Data? collects some of its users’ data such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and other information users provide when registering their account. The platform also collects information about your online activities, including your download history. This makes less safe than you would prefer a website to be, especially if you care for privacy and anonymity when online. is not safe because they clearly state in their policy that they may share your data with third parties such as advertisers, government, and their service providers. It is therefore important to implement measures that will keep you safe while you are on


How to Ensure That You Are Safe When Using

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