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Are You Safe While Using

In this article, we inform you on whether is safe to use or not, and provide safety tips to protect your data, but first, let's see what is

“is safe?” Yes, nevertheless, we recommend to use using a VPN to be safe. When using a VPN, a private connection is established between your device and the internet, and this protects you from hackers and third-party websites. 


What is

Imagine being able to track and monitor where every single penny that’s charged on your card goes with a real-time financial analysis. With all your accounts and credit cards synced in one app to give you a picture of your overall financial standing.

Mint is a free financial management tool that helps consumers to track their credit scores, loan balances, investments, and bank transactions.  People who want to be on top of their finances can depend on Mint to ensure that they manage their spending and monthly obligations responsibly. 


Is It Legit?

Before you ask, is safe? it’s important to ask about its legitimacy. And the short answer is yes, Mint is legit! 

In 2008 Aaron Patzer created Mint to provide consumers with an app that allowed them to get their financial accounts aggregated, as well as create budgets, and set financial goals through a single app. In the following year, 

Intuit—an American software company purchased it, and claimed to have managed to connect Mint with more than 16, 000 US and Canadian financial institutions.


Is It Reliable?

Mint has a 100% uptime, with an excellent user interface. It provides ease-to-use budgeting tools and income/expense tracking. However, the cons are its ability to track investments is weak, and it does not allow paying bills through it.


Is Safe?

Mint understands how important it is to ensure that it's safe to use and that clients’ personal information and data are protected. This is why clients are required to create a unique pin that the user will use to log in into their Mint account.

Mint relies on TRUSTe and VeriSign which are third-party sites that provide security monitoring, as well as 128-bit SSL encryption. Mint also provides remote account monitoring for any unusual and abusive spending, users are sent notifications whenever these activities are carried out without authorization.

They also have added two-factor authentication, to require users to validate each login attempt using the user’s verified device. 

These security measures do provide some level of security, however, it does not protect you against cybercriminals and hackers who can access your internet traffic on an unsecured internet connection.


Safety Tips And Privacy

Securing your connection should be the first thing to consider to ensure that your data is safe whenever you are using the internet.

Using VPN Unlimited allows you to access any website from any location anonymously, this means you can’t be tracked online even by your internet service provider (ISP).

VPN Unlimited protects you when using an unknown Wifi, you won’t need to worry about your internet traffic being intercepted by hackers.

VPN Unlimited prevents your ISP and third-party websites from tracking your online activity and storing your data. Your passwords and login credentials are safely encrypted using military-grade AES 256 encryption.

Never compromise your speed. VPN Unlimited gets you access to any of its 3000+ high-speed servers in 80+ locations all over the world. 


Hide your online identity with VPN Unlimited!

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