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Lifetime VPN Subscription - All You Need to Know

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Free VPN and Why You Should Avoid Them

While choosing a reliable solution for your internet browsing you have free and paid options. But choosing free apps users don’t understand all the risks associated with free VPN services. If you are considering a free VPN solution, check out the issues and damage that can be caused while using a free solution.

1. Free VPNs record and trade your data. Your privacy is at a big risk if you use free VPN apps. The only way to cover operating expenses for free VPN services is by collecting and selling users’ data. As a result, you can lose your credentials or even bank details.

2. Vulnerability of free VPN services. According to research, more than half of free VPN apps can be infected with malware. If the company doesn’t charge money it can’t provide secure services. You have a big chance to get exposed to viruses if you install such software.

3. Slow and unstable internet connection. Free VPN services provide poor connection quality. Most free VPNs can't unblock platforms you need, offer slow speed and big server limitations, making them unusable. 

4. Free VPNs can fail at unblocking content. One of the most popular reasons to use VPN is bypassing geographic restrictions. But free VPNs often can’t provide access to needed services or websites and are far from guaranteed to work. More often than not, you’re going to get hit with an error message.

Benefits of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Lifetime Deal

Ultimate Privacy

With VPN Unlimited, your anonymity on the internet is guaranteed. Stay untracked and private on any website you visit and in any location you surf the web from. Your physical location (your real IP address) is hidden, so no websites, advertisers, or hackers can track your actions.

Unmatched Security

No matter what data you send online (credit card details, login credentials, etc.) and which WiFi network you use, your data is 100% secure with VPN Unlimited Lifetime subscription. Thanks to strong encryption algorithms, your sensitive data is always secure from hackers and any unwelcome parties. 

Lightning-Fast Speed

VPN Unlimited technology and fast VPN servers ensure you get the best experience in terms of speed. A set of handy features like Optimal Server, Optimal Protocol, Ping test boost the performance even further. 

Part of cybersecurity bundle

Beef up your online protection with the MonoDefense® security bundle. This bundle offers several top-notch solutions to boost your online experience and freedom. Enjoy the ultimate protection with the best Lifetime MonoDefense deal for your device!

Up to 5 Devices

Get 1 Lifetime VPN subscription and use it on 5 devices with no additional cost at all! Protect any devices you have. VPN Unlimited supports all popular platforms including iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, comes as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Extra Services

The Lifetime VPN deal already implies the best level of protection. But if you find our best lifetime VPN not enough, VPN Unlimited can offer you some more extras, like the Personal IP option, additional devices, and the ability to set VPN up on a router. So, no matter how demanding you are, VPN Unlimited will meet any expectations.