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Our Benefits

Total Security

Secure your sensitive information (be it personal passwords or credit card details) with our robust encryption, regardless of the Indian provider you use. With VPN Unlimited, you are shielded against prying eyes and malicious hackers in India and abroad.

Absolute Privacy

Maintain your anonymity and avoid tracking on any website from anywhere in India. By altering your physical location (IP address), we ensure online activities of all Indian users are untraceable by websites, hackers, or advertisers.

Flexible tariffs for any purpose

Explore our flexible tariff plans designed to fit your needs and budget in Indian Rupees (₹). Choose from our Annual plan at ₹417 Indian Rupees per month for extended security, or opt for ultimate convenience with our Lifetime plan at ₹16,624 Indian Rupees with VPN Unlimited, ensuring you're always protected online.

Unlimited devices

Subscribe once and cover 4 devices for FREE! Extend your protection to unlimited devices with a single subscription. Compatible across various platforms and all device types (desktops, tablets, mobile phones).


Uncompromising speed

Our technology ensures you enjoy uninterrupted high speed all over India. KeepSolid Wise enhances user experience, while our extensive network of high-speed servers worldwide guarantees optimal connection speeds.

Additional services

Tailored for the most demanding Indian users, we offer exclusive extras such as a Lifetime VPN subscription, Personal Server & Personal IP options, and the flexibility to configure a VPN on any of your devices.

Protect All Your Devices

VPN Unlimited is available on all your mobile devices like Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, desktop devices on macOS, Windows, Linux, and as a browser extension for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Extend VPN protection to your router, NAS, and much more, securing your entire digital footprint.

Download VPN Unlimited

Secure your online presence now! Install the app, activate your 7-day FREE trial, and enjoy all the the benefits of VPN Unlimited tailored for India.