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iOS 13.0 or later
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  • Wide Network with Servers in Over 80 Countries
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How to install VPN application on iOS

How to use VPN application on iOS

Download the VPN Unlimited iOS app to
feel total privacy and security while surfing the web!

How to Set Up and Use VPN Unlimited for iOS

Install the application
Choose a server you need in Pakistan
Enjoy safe and free browsing

If you need any help, please check our FAQ or contact our Support team.

Why Pakistani Users Should Pick VPN Unlimited for iOS

VPN Unlimited is the perfect VPN for Pakistani users who want to keep their browsing private and secure on iOS devices. It focuses on ease of use, strong encryption, and reliability. Privacy is a top priority, making it the best VPN for iOS in Pakistan. The VPN creates a secure connection between your iOS device and the internet, protecting your personal info, especially on public Wi-Fi. It hides your location, letting you appear to be accessing the internet from different places around the world, important for users in Pakistan who want free access to the internet.

Download the Best VPN for iPad

Keep your iPad safe on public WiFi

VPN Unlimited encrypts your internet data and personal info on your iPad, making it unreadable to others.

Make your internet use on iPad private

Our iPad VPN app makes you invisible to anyone trying to see your online activities, including your internet service provider and the government.

Fast and smooth browsing on iPad

With many servers available, our secure VPN for iOS lets you always have the best connection and low ping.

Key Features for Pakistani iPhone VPN Users

256-bit Data Encryption

VPN Unlimited provides the highest standard of data protection.

KeepSolid Wise Technology

Enjoy an extra layer of encryption and hiding for complete privacy and unrestricted internet use in and outside of Pakistan.

3000+ Servers in Over 80 Locations

Stay connected with fast and reliable access to content everywhere in the world.

Cost-Efficient Pricing

VPN Unlimited in Pakistan offers a yearly plan for just 1,393 Pakistani Rupees per month. For long-term users, the Lifetime option is best at 55,750 Pakistani Rupees, offering great savings over time.

VPN Unlimited for iOS - FAQ

Should I have a VPN on my iPhone in Pakistan?

Yes. For privacy and to keep your data safe, especially to securely access specific content in Pakistan, having VPN Unlimited active on your iPhone is crucial.

Why is VPN Unlimited the best VPN for iPhones in Pakistan?

VPN Unlimited stands out for its security, privacy, access to both global and local Pakistani content, and features like Kill Switch and KeepSolid Wise, making it the ideal VPN for iOS users in Pakistan.

Is VPN Unlimited safe for iOS users in Pakistan?

Yes, as a no-log VPN, VPN Unlimited ensures your data is safe with AES 256-bit encryption, keeping your info secure from third parties, including internet service providers.

How do I use the VPN Unlimited app on iPhone in Pakistan?

Using VPN Unlimited on iOS is simple or detailed, as you prefer. Start the app and press the big blue button to connect to a VPN. If you like, there are many extra settings and features you can adjust in the app’s Menu.

Having issues? Don’t worry!

If VPN Unlimited isn't working on your Apple device, or if you have questions, our 24/7/365 support team is ready to help, no matter where you are, in Pakistan or abroad.

Enjoy easy, secure, and private internet on all your devices!

Download VPN Unlimited for your iPhone and other devices today and improve your online experience in Pakistan!

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