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Download fast VPN for PC on Windows! The VPN Unlimited app will protect your privacy and grant you unlimited access to any web content via desktop PC. The best VPN for Windows 7, Windows 10!

Download VPN Unlimited for Windows 7 64 bit

Download VPN Unlimited for Microsoft Windows XP SP3

VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

How to Set Up VPN Unlimited on Windows for Pakistani Users

Download the VPN on your Windows PC.
Pick a VPN Unlimited server.
Enjoy safe and free internet browsing.

To learn how to download a standalone version of our VPN for Windows PC for free, please refer to our Manuals. Choose your Windows version as your platform and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. If you need any help, please check our FAQ or contact our Support team.


Top VPN Software for Windows in Pakistan


Fight Against Cyber Threats

Guard against online threats with features that are great for Pakistani users. VPN Unlimited has strong AES-256 encryption, different VPN protocols, a Kill Switch, and more, making it the best pick for Windows users in Pakistan.

Auto-Connect When Windows Starts for Users in Pakistan

VPN Unlimited makes staying safe easy for Pakistani users. With the Auto-Connect feature, your computer connects to a safe server every time it turns on, giving quick protection, great for Pakistan's lively online scene.

Best Speed & Use for Windows in Pakistan

For a better online time for Pakistani users, we made the Optimal Protocol and Server options. With a click, the VPN Unlimited app finds the best way and server for you, giving a smooth VPN use for local and worldwide sites.

Why Users in Pakistan Pick VPN Unlimited for Windows

VPN Unlimited is the chosen VPN for Windows, giving safe, private, and secret web use, perfect for Pakistan. It's key for keeping personal and money info safe, plus web and download history, a must-have for users in Pakistan.

Plus, VPN Unlimited lets you get to lots of content, from local Pakistani services to worldwide platforms, freely. It's great for Pakistani users wanting to enjoy a big choice of streaming, social media, and more, without limits.

Download VPN Unlimited now and start the best VPN experience on Windows, made for Pakistani users. Take charge of your online privacy and enjoy free web use on your Windows PC, at home or moving around Pakistan.

Benefits of Windows VPN for Pakistan

256-bit Data Encryption

Keep your data safe from hackers and spying, really important for Pakistani users online.

KeepSolid Wise technology

A higher level of hiding and safety, giving Pakistani users more privacy and free internet use.

3000+ Servers in 80+ Locations

With servers great for Pakistani users, VPN Unlimited ensures you can connect to your chosen sites, in Pakistan or away.

Unlimited Devices for Free

One buy covers all your gadgets, perfect for Pakistani users with many devices wanting full protection.

Supreme Speed & No Data Caps

Enjoy downloading, web surfing, streaming, and sharing freely, great for users in Pakistan.

Cost-Efficient Pricing

VPN Unlimited offers a yearly plan for just 1,393 Pakistani Rupees a month. For a long-term save, the Lifetime plan is 55,750 Pakistani Rupees, saving a lot over time.

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Download the best VPN app for free for other platforms, as well as Windows. Fast, secure, and Unlimited in Pakistan and abroad!

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