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Hide your real IP address from sniffers

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Attacks on online privacy are increasing all over the world these days. ISPs, advertisers, and governments integrate a high-powered data monitoring, to control online activity of their citizens. There are also numerous cyber criminals, who are seeking out the ways to get access to users’ personal information for manipulations.

Usually, an IP address serves them as an entry point to a user’s location, web traffic, or even their identity. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a barrier on their way to disclose the user’s real IP address and other vulnerable data.

What is IP address?

Hide your real IP address from sniffers IP address or Internet Protocol address is a unique number given to a device, like a computer, a laptop, and a smartphone. It works similar to a mailing address and is used to identify a device on any network. In order for you to get today’s weather forecast or check the latest news, your IP address is needed. Without it, websites and services wouldn’t know where to send the requested information. It means that your real IP address is open to everyone, who is interested in it. Cyber criminals can jump at this opportunity, and get the access to your sensitive information.

How to get a virtual IP address?

VPN Unlimited will help you to prevent your real IP address from being visible to the rest of the Internet. Our service provides secure access to the Internet, strong online anonymity and privacy. All the internet traffic from your computer, tablet, or smartphone will go through the encrypted tunnel. This means that your real IP will be disguised as well.

As a result, you will get a virtual shared IP address. The most significant benefit of a shared IP is that your online anonymity will be highly ensured as numerous users have the same IP. Hence, there is no possibility to associate your online activity with your identity. That, in its turn, increases your privacy on the Internet. This will keep identity thieves, hackers, and attackers far away from your sensitive information.

Do not leave your real IP address behind on every website you visit. Protect yourself and your online activity.

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