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Happy 5th Birthday, VPN Unlimited! History of Features and Challenges (and Some Spoilers)

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

“The number of threats to everyone’s privacy increases daily, and the privacy of personal data is no exception. Our world is in such chaos that it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a safe haven, a place to feel secure in.

KeepSolid is a company created after the philosophy of protecting the interests of each and every user. For 5 years, we have been helping preserve the privacy of 10 million clients with the help of VPN Unlimited. We take great pride in serving you and are going to keep living up to your trust!”

Vasiliy Ivanov, CEO of KeepSolid

Oh my, what a day! We at KeepSolid are so excited about yet another milestone reached by our brainchild. 5th birthday is no small achievement for an IT product in such a competitive market. Nor is having over 10 million users and keeping great review rates on major stores, mind you! Last year was exciting, and we can’t wait to share with you our results for this period. Let’s begin with the breaking news, shall we?

We have just released new 5.0 version of VPN Unlimited (including browser extensions)! Now it is even more intuitive and conveniently simplistic. On top of everything else, macOS and iOS users get the new Dark Mode feature, while the Windows version interface became more native and optimized, along with the added Kill Switch capability. From now on, your experience with our app will get better than ever.

Actually, it already is! Allow us to share some of the touching user comments regarding the update:

“Hello great developers of VPN Unlimited I just want to congratulate you for the new design & version of the app it ROCKS! 😉 I liked it so much thank you & keep up the awesome work much appreciated”
“Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the new look and feel of VPN-U 5.0, you all did a really good job. I like the new look and lite design. I was sceptical about purchasing the lifetime over a year ago, but I am glad I did, I see continuous development.

Thank you, Matt”

“Great application and security by a trusted vendor. Application engineer by profession, I love the smooth interface and exceptional security protocols used by KeepSolid Inc., in their applications. Normally, I would not go US based VPNs but I trust KeepSolid Inc., and you should too.”

Introducing major updates for VPN Unlimited on a yearly basis is a heartwarming tradition here at KeepSolid. For 5 years we have been doing this. Check out our infographics of how our app has changed throughout this time!

Infographics of how KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app has changed throughout 5 years

What new VPN features were implemented this year, and what obstacles were faced?

Now, let’s get a little nostalgic and recall all the cool stuff that happened to VPN Unlimited throughout the year. No surprise, but we weren’t sitting on our hands this whole time! Many a feature has been implemented and challenge – overcame. Allow us to recall the most interesting examples.

VPN Unlimited new features

  1. IKEv2
    This cutting-edge VPN protocol was introduced to VPN Unlimited’s already lavish selection of protocols. It offers users high performance and connection speed, unchallenged data security, unmatched reliability, and mobility support. The latter is especially important for mobile users, as their platforms are normally robbed of the most top-notch security options.
  2. VPN Unlimited Team
    What do companies need from a VPN service? Corporate-grade security, professional features, team profiles with scaling capabilities, clean and intuitive management options, top-tier customer service. What does VPN Unlimited Team offer to companies? All of the above. Nuff said!
  3. Hulu, ESPN+, and BBC iPlayer streaming services
    Imagine owning an account on a streaming service and, having moved abroad, finding out that all of a sudden you can’t use it anymore. Or paying for a subscription to ESPN+, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer only to find out you are forbidden from accessing some of their content (perhaps the one that made you wish to subscribe in the first place). Wouldn’t it be quite a bummer?

    This happens because these services practice geoblocking – restricting access to some or all content for users located in the certain countries. Their reasoning may vary, but the result is always the same – you, the user, getting punished for living in the “wrong” place. To fix this, VPN Unlimited introduced special streaming servers that allow you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without borders, wherever you are.
  4. Kill Switch
    This neat little feature does one thing – disables your internet connection. Why would you want this? Well, it’s a precautionary measure in case your VPN connection drops for whatever reason. Getting your internet disabled by kill switch at these moments, you can be sure that not a bit of your personal data or private information accidently slips to the Web beyond VPN Unlimited protection.
  5. Opera VPN extension
    This one is quite self-explanatory – now you can use VPN Unlimited on Opera. Enjoy the whole power of a professional VPN in your browser!

Challenges tackled by VPN Unlimited

  1. Cyber Security World Cup
    This summer, KeepSolid arranged its own World Cup, only ours was dedicated not to soccer, but to security. Users could win awesome prizes and check their knowledge of cyber threats and how to avoid them. You can still take the quiz, although you won’t win any prizes anymore – it’s just for fun! Young football player on stadium doing slide tackle like VPN Unlmited tackles challenges
  2. GDPR Compliance
    This EU regulation aims to give control over the use of people’s personal data into their own hands. Seeing how VPN Unlimited was designed with pretty much the same goal in mind, it was only natural that we at KeepSolid hastened to make sure that our app complies with this law.

Aside from these major features and challenges, there were numerous smaller ones, such as new subscription options and countless UI/UX and performance improvements. All in all, it was a fruitful year, and we are extremely grateful to all our users for joining us on this journey. Happy Birthday VPN Unlimited!

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