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Do I Need a VPN at Home and Outside

Internet freedom vs internet censorship - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited
Internet freedom vs internet censorship - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

Should you get a VPN on my phone? Is a VPN even necessary to use? In this guide, we will explain why you do need one for both your home device and your phone. But in short, yes, you should definitely get a VPN. If you’ve already decided to get one, cut to the chase and move towards the end of this guide, where we introduce the best VPN to use in 2023. No matter where you’re located and what your needs are, you can’t turn down our offer. Read on.

Why you should get a reliable VPN on your iPhone

The primary function of a Virtual Private Network is concealing your online activity. VPNs are usually employed to protect against hackers and snoopers on public networks. Additionally, they’re necessary for masking your IP address, web browsing, and personal information on any WiFi network, including public and private.

The more we rely on the Internet, the more likely our online privacy will get threatened. This threat comes from a variety of parties, including your ISP, ad companies, or cyber criminals with nefarious purposes. A good VPN helps you browse securely by encrypting your data and connection while your actual location is hidden from adversaries.

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Why Do You Need a VPN

Necessity of VPN on your home device

A VPN is less necessary at home than in public places, as your home network is more likely to apply protections like login credentials to sign in. Also, when you’re home, you are less exposed to cybercrime than out in public. Yet, many netizens use a VPN at home and take all the necessary cybersecurity measures to avoid online tracking and be free to view their favorite content, circumventing geo-blocking.

Even if you go online mostly from home, a Virtual Private Network can protect you against other kinds of privacy threats. Your logs can be stored and tracked when you visit a website or launch an app. Companies gather information about you to show you targeted ads based on your online activity. A good VPN can fortify your online anonymity and help you avoid trackers. Utilizing a VPN for your home network gives you an additional layer of protection, hiding your actual IP address and making it hard for anyone to see what you’re up to on the internet.

Prevent activity tracking

Note that websites can still track your activity if you log in to their service, even with a Virtual Private Network up and running. This is how companies like Amazon collect users’ data to feed to their algorithms and improve their marketing. 

Besides monetizing your data, ISPs can stifle your connection if you torrent or stream all the time. You can run an app to avoid throttling by hiding your online activity from your dishonest ISP.

Lately, one of the most popular reasons for using a VPN at home or on the phone has been getting access to streaming services that are not available in your current location. What’s more, VPNs are great for saving money by getting cheaper online shopping deals and flight tickets, as prices often vary depending on where you are.

So, should I get a VPN or not?

The answer comes down to your wants and needs on the internet. Most people don’t think it’s necessary to secure their networks, but there are other good reasons to use VPNs.

If you frequently use public WiFi, worry about your ISP and other third parties snooping on you, or just want to stream content from anywhere, a VPN is of great help. But if occasional decreased browsing speed frustrates you, VPNs may not always be helpful. However, choosing a provider such as Keepsolid assures you uncompromising connection speeds. 

Your online habits and preferences determine the role of VPNs in your online life. Getting a good one can make your cyber-life a lot easier and happier. Brace yourself with our perfect solution.

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Benefits of VPN Unlimited

We offer tens of servers around the world with lightning-fast connections and fantastic performances. They are situated in the most in-demand locations to best meet your cyber needs, giving you the online freedom you need to browse and stream whatever content you wish. Our benefits include:

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You can get one subscription and protect an unlimited device, including home desktop and mobile phone. You can always upgrade your subscription and get an unlimited number of slots for all your devices.

Additional VPN features

We offer extra features to boost your protection level and enhance your online experience. Take advantage of our personal servers, static IPs like a Pro.

Full-featured 7-day free trial

After installing our app on your home device or iPhone, you automatically get a free trial for a week to check out everything.

Zero-log Policy

If authorities ever ask us about your online identity and activities. We have nothing to report on you because we don't store your logs, ever.

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