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Is Safe?

Based on the general consensus on the web, many users agree that is a very useful app for those who are into cryptocurrencies, however, it'’ worth finding out just how safe it is to use. In this article, we go through some questions that need to ask when doing their due diligence on or any other platform.


What is

If you are trying to get your hands on some cryptocurrencies, then you will need an exchanger to convert your fiat currency into cryptocurrency. is an internationally recognized all-encompassing crypto company that provides crypto and blockchain solutions services. You can convert 20+ fiat currencies on its safe-to-use platform. has an ecosystem comprised of: 

  • App is where you can access the exchanger from, here you can buy and sell 250+ cryptocurrencies and perform other transactions.
  • Pay is a service that allows you to use cryptocurrency to pay any merchant, and you are not charged any service costs (gas fees).
  • Earn allows you to earn up to 14.5% interest on your cryptocurrency when you store it on its platform.
  • Credit is a facility that allows you to borrow against your crypto. You can get loaned up to 50% of your crypto collateral. 


Is It Legit?

There is still a lot of skepticism about Crypto companies in general, and it's important for anyone who wishes to get into crypto to first do their due diligence. Fortunately, is a fully licensed and registered crypto company that runs its operations above board. You shouldn't worry about it disappearing with your money tomorrow.


Is It Reliable?

It's worth mentioning that's interface isn't great for novices, many beginners are finding the interface difficult to navigate, and educational resources are not provided on the platform. 

Many reviewers have expressed their disappointment with the platform’s poorly rated customer service. 

There are restrictions and limitations that users will experience when trying to access some of the listed coins in certain regions/locations around the world. Not all coins listed on the platform are universally available.


Is Secure?

Like most financial institutions, understands how crucial it is for them to place great importance on the security of the platform. They have taken impressive measures to ensure that users can enjoy a very safe platform. 

However, there are still other measures that should be considered by users on their end. Below are tips that if taken can help you keep your data safe.


Safety Tips And Privacy

  • Making use of a strong and complex password is one of the preliminary safety precautions that you should take when creating your user password. You will also want to pair it with two-factor authentication for an extra layer of login security.
  • Having a private network significantly reduces the likelihood of your internet being intercepted by hackers and cybercriminals. VPN Unlimited provides you with guaranteed security of your data, allowing you to use the internet anonymously. 
  • When using VPN Unlimited none of your online activities can be tracked by anyone including your internet service provider (ISP). VPN Unlimited keeps no log of your metadata, login times, downloads, 
  • VPN Unlimited relies on military-grade encryption protocols to convert your data into unreadable symbols that can only be decrypted by the intended recipient—in this case being

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other platforms

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