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Is WeChat Safe

Wechat is owned by Tencent, a tech company based in China. WeChat is one of the most popular messaging apps available today, it is only third in popularity to Facebook and WhatsApp. The app was initially created with the main purpose of sending messages. In addition, calls and video chats can be conducted over WeChat.

However, what sets WeChat apart from other messaging apps is its extensive list of features, including payment features, mini-programs, and games. These features are why WeChat is currently the most popular app in China. Despite all this, there is a major concern over whether or not WeChat is safe.


How safe is WeChat?

Like other apps created by Chinese tech companies, there is rising concern over the safety of WeChat. When it comes to privacy and data, WeChat is generally considered to be unsafe. WeChat users from China are under heavy government surveillance, which means that the government censors content and activity on the app. Anything posted from China is subject to surveillance, and the Chinese government may remove anything they are not happy with. 

Although international users are not affected by this censorship, the app does not have end-to-end encryption. Encryption features are something that users expect from messaging apps, as this protects their privacy. The lack of security features also means that third parties are able to read your posts and messages.  


Is there a way to use WeChat that is safe?

We recommend using a VPN to be safe. When using a VPN, a private connection is established between your device and the internet, and this protects you from hackers and third parties. 

With the VPN services on the market today, it can be difficult to select one to use. VPN Unlimited is a great option, no matter what your needs are. Protecting your privacy is our priority.

When using WeChat, it is best to use it outside of China. VPN Unlimited allows you to do this by changing your IP address when you connect to one of our servers. VPN Unlimited has over 3000 servers in 80 locations, therefore this allows you to connect outside of China and use WeChat without censorship.

In addition to altering your IP address, VPN Unlimited provides other security features such as our zero log policy, which ensures your data is not logged. We also make use of top-of-the-range encryption protocols to protect your data and information from any third parties and hackers. 

Although a VPN does provide you with protection, it is advisable that you take extra precautions to be safe. Here are some additional tips:

  • use a separate device for WeChat
  • do not share sensitive information over WeChat
  • use a strong password
  • log out of the app when you are not using it
  • limit the permissions allowed in WeChat on your device

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