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What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Gmail?

Gmail has a very attractive, and intuitive interface that has won over millions of users across the globe. It is more than just an email host, today applications like Google Docs, Google Meet, and Google Drive are integrated into its offering and this has grown users’ dependency on Google’s ecosystem. However, for a lot of individuals, privacy remains a concern and that is the reason why many are out to seek a secure alternative to Gmail. In this article, we will share and discuss our 3 best secure alternatives to Gmail.

Gmail users have had their emails scanned for targeted ads in very recent years. Your Gmail account can be monitored regardless of the way you interact with it, Google has data such as the dates and times you sent or received emails from the people you are communicating with, and details of your conversations. Google services collect cookies that track people across the web, your online activity has your actual identity attached to it - your privacy could be at risk with Gmail.

Why Should You Consider Switching to a Secure Alternative to Gmail?

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is our first secure alternative to Gmail, it’s an ad-free email service created to offer many great features to both businesses and individuals. One of Zoho Mail’s main priorities is to keep its platform free from adverts, this is made available for both free and paid versions. Keeping advertisers away from its platform increases user privacy, and this indicates their commitment to ensuring that user data does not get exploited by third parties. Much like Gmail, Zoho Mail has invested in a clean interface.

The calendar, contacts, and tasks are some of the features that can be appreciated by users to help keep themselves organized and the inbox manageable. Zoho Mail offers secure email hosting and end-to-end encryption on all messages. If you want to establish a more professional presence, you will want to upgrade to a premium plan. Zoho Mail made it so easy to set up your own custom business email.

You should note, however, that if you wish to not upgrade to a premium plan, then you’ll only be able to access the custom email address through webmail or Zoho Mail’s mobile apps. You can rely on Zoho Mail’s 24/7 customer support whenever you are facing any issue related to your account. Zoho mail has a reliable 99.9% uptime.


Tutanota is our second secure alternative to Gmail, it is arguably the first email service to offer end-to-end encryption. The German-found company’s focus is set on providing users with great privacy options like secure internal communication for organizations and NGOs. Transnational journalists who deal with discrete information choose it because its software is open-source, and offers absolute transparency, which renders its service ethical for activists who are fighting for privacy.

The company believes in giving its users the freedom to keep their anonymity, users can send anonymous emails using alias addresses, they can access encrypted calendars, and  - all this is done on its beautiful and secure online interface.

Tutanota does not earn any revenue through advertising, it relies solely on user donations and Premium subscriptions. Users who wish to get higher-quality services, need to upgrade to paid plans.


Our third secure alternative to Gmail is Mailfence. If you are looking for a private email provider, then perhaps this Belgium-based email service provider will be the one for you. Their services are rooted in online security, they make for a great alternative if you’re concerned about Gmail’s security practices. According to the Belgian privacy protection laws, only local jurisdictions can request your mail access, which happens under extremely rare circumstances.

Mailfence is based in a country whose privacy protection laws prohibit any person except for local jurisdictions to obtain access to peoples’ emails. This guarantees that your data won’t be sold to third parties. Mailfence uses encryption, You can also set up a password and even an expiry date for messages. This way, no one but you will read your communications, not even Mailfence.

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