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How to Share Confidential Documents With Your Business Team Securely

We commonly need to share files with colleagues, business associates, and clients, whether as business owners or employees. But, is your current file sharing method secure? Do you keep critical records and confidential files protected? Let’s explore the ins and outs of secure file sharing for business, and check out our best solution.


Your Security is Constantly Under Threat – Share Data Securely!

File sharing is essentially the act of sending files to a person. In the past, most files would be attached to emails. Then, the recipient would edit them and send the files back and so forth. You might have also used file-sharing websites. Both methods pose multiple security threats, such as having your business’s sensitive documents viewed by competitors.

Small and medium businesses are equally at risk from cybersecurity threats as large corporations, and security through obscurity is no longer useful. As hackers increasingly automate attacks, they can target hundreds of organizations at once. Small businesses have less strict defenses, and less time and resources to put into cybersecurity, making them an easy target for cybercriminals. Therefore, securing the shared data is imperative.


Protect Your Business Files With a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business has been less of an optional complement and more of a necessary requirement. A VPN is a cybersecurity solution that provides a tunnel between your organization and the individuals who access them.

Basically, only employees connected to the VPN servers are able to access company resources on the network. Since this tunnel uses end-to-end encryption, businesses don’t need to worry about unauthorized access or visibility into their network by third parties, ensuring total protection and anonymity of their online traffic. 

If you have either remote employees or people who work on the go, taking frequent business trips, they will probably use free public WiFi to stay connected. This poses a threat to business documents being shared because public hotspots are usually poorly secured and so are home to cybercriminals.

Likewise, If your business applies a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, employees will use their personal devices for work communications. Unless adequately secured, this policy poses a huge risk to the integrity of your business data. A single device getting breached may cause serious security issues for your business network. Use our best VPN solution to secure your business traffic.


Meet VPN Unlimited!

VPN Unlimited has (among others) two features that suit your file-sharing needs for business.

Personal IP address

VPN Unlimited offers a great VPN feature, namely a personal IP address that will become your own secure online identity. It will allow you to share files securely at the fastest speed. A personal IP address gives you greater control and better performance when sharing files through an activated VPN. You can simply choose a country, purchase your dedicated IP address, and get unlimited access to your data from anywhere.

The personal IP address is the most secure way to unblock file-sharing services without revealing your identity or leaking your info. VPN Unlimited will protect your business data from unauthorized access, and allow you to enjoy infinite and consistent file sharing.

Military-grade encryption

There are two essential components in any virtual private network service; VPN protocol and encryption protocol. VPN protocol builds a tunnel between a user’s device and the destination website and all traffic goes through it, making it untraceable. The encryption protocol encrypts the transferred data, scrambling it and making it unreadable to unaccredited parties.

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