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How to Unblock YouTube with VPN Unlimited

In present-day reality, while surfing the web, you can face unfair geo-blocking or government censorship. And sometimes it can be waiting for you in the most unexpected place, the one that seems the safest. Here we mean the most popular online video-sharing platform like YouTube.

In case you haven’t heard about geo-blocking on YouTube, we’ll tell you more. For instance, users from China or North Korea can’t access this service at all. Location in any other country, some YouTube videos also are geo-restricted for you. But what can you do? Use a well-trusted virtual private network for YouTube!

Meet VPN Unlimited – your perfect solution to unblock YouTube. The app provides you with a premium set of features that helps you bypass any unfair geo-blocking. In this guide on our best YouTube VPN software, you find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is VPN YouTube?
  • How to watch blocked YouTube videos? 
  • How to unblock YouTube from anywhere?
  • Why should you choose VPN Unlimited to unblock YouTube?

Why YouTube Is Geo-Blocked

As we’ve already mentioned, YouTube video content is totally blocked in China and North Korea and can partially be blocked in any country. But why is it so? Let’s figure it out. The key reasons why its content can be blocked are as follows:

  • Government censorship. China and North Korea are the most striking examples. These countries just censor a huge number of various websites, and, unfortunately, YouTube is included in this list.
  • Licensing agreements. If any video content is subject to a licensing agreement, it can be accessed only in the list of approved, specific countries. 
  • Uploader preference. In this case, the uploader broadcasts their content in certain regions for their reasons. 

How to Choose a VPN for Blocked YouTube Videos

To unblock YouTube videos in your country, you should use VPN software. There is currently a wide choice of VPN applications, and so it can be really difficult to choose the one that suits your needs best. What criteria should meet your perfect YouTube VPN solution? They are as follows: 

  • Can easily unblock geo-restricted sites like Disney+, Hulu, etc.
  • Offers a huge list of American VPN servers
  • Employs the strongest encryption algorithms to protect your data
  • Does not keep logs of your private data
  • Supports all the major platforms 

By the way, VPN Unlimited meets all these criteria!


How to Unblock YouTube at School

Easy-peasy! All you need is VPN Unlimited. Our best VPN software helps you to unblock YouTube and other streaming services, bypass any geo-blocks and enjoy your favorite video content in any location worldwide. Get our VPN application and watch YouTube videos at school right away.

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3 steps to unblock YouTube site with VPN Unlimited


Step 1

Download our YouTube VPN service and start your 7-day free trial


Step 2

Choose the server location where YouTube is not blocked


Step 3

Watch YouTube videos blocked in your country with our app! 

Why unblock YouTube with VPN Unlimited

Bullet-proof security

An extremely secure encryption algorithm is a must for your perfect YouTube VPN app. VPN Unlimited, in turn, offers you the AES-256 encryption algorithm that is even used by the US government to protect their top-secret information. Get our app and secure your data while watching YouTube videos.

Premium VPN features

To offer you only the best VPN solution, we strive to implement the best features that boost your online experience. Among our premium features, you can find 2FA that protects your account, credential, and valuable data inside the application, and Kill Switch that makes your online activity invisible in any country with government censorship.

Lightning-fast VPN servers

Getting VPN Unlimited, you are free to use our 3000+ VPN servers in 80+ locations worldwide. Our YouTube VPN helps you to unblock all and any video content and watch it without any geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world. You can easily change your location to enjoy the video catalog of a relevant country.

5/10 devices per account

Get only one VPN Unlimited subscription and use it on up to 5 or 10 devices (depending on the chosen subscription). This is super convenient, as our app works on all the major platforms and even more. You can unblock YouTube simultaneously on many devices.

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