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How to Download Torrents on Linux

Step-by-step guide to downloading torrents on Linux, popular torrent clients, and best Linux torrent VPN in 2023 

Want to anonymously and securely download torrents on Linux? Easy as 1-2-3! Find all the information you need in this in-depth guide which covers torrent clients for Linux, why use torrent VPN, and how VPN Unlimited protects your torrenting activities.

Is Linux safer to use for torrenting

Though Linux is considered to be more secure than other operating systems, in terms of IP tracking and getting caught when torrenting, all users are in the same boat, regardless of the OS. 

Whenever you go online on your Linux device, your ISP is able to track your activities on the internet, see the websites you open, and the files you download. In many cases, ISPs are legally authorized to sell this information to other parties. This, in turn, further compromises your privacy on the web. 

And if your ISP detects you’re downloading torrents, this may result in copyright infringement notices and more severe consequences. As torrents have earned bad reputation due to piracy, many countries forbid P2P downloads even if your intention is to load content that’s in the public domain. Does this mean you can’t use torrents to download the legal content at all? Absolutely not! What you need is a reliable VPN for torrents download like VPN Unlimited.

How VPN Unlimited ensures torrent anonymity on Linux

Masking your P2P traffic and making it undetectable, VPN Unlimited lets you download torrent files without any worries at all. Our torrent VPN for Linux changes your IP address, encrypts data, and secures your connection. 

As soon as you connect to VPN Unlimited torrenting server, you effectively hide your traffic details — including the P2P element. Even your ISP can’t peer into your traffic any longer. At most, ISP may just see that you’ve connected to a VPN on your Linux device, the rest info is encrypted. Result? You can download torrents for Linux absolutely anonymously and with boosted security.

What are popular torrent clients for Linux

To download torrents for Linux, a torrent client is required. As for other OS, there is a number of torrent downloaders for Linux to choose from. And good news is you can get most of them working on any Linux distribution out there. Basically, they work the same, so just pick the one you prefer. 

Here are some of the most popular torrent downloaders for Linux:

  • qBitTorrent 
  • Deluge 
  • FrostWire
  • Fragments
  • Tixati
  • KTorrent
  • Frostwire

How to download torrent files on Linux – step-by-step guide


First of all, before you start torrenting, make sure to anonymize your activities. For this, open VPN Unlimited app on your Linux device and connect to any of the servers that allow torrenting. You can find them on the Servers screen > Torrent tab.


Install torrent client for Linux, if you don’t have one yet. Most Linux distributions already come with a pre-installed torrent downloader, like Transmission in Ubuntu. However, you can also install other BitTorrent clients for Linux like qBitTorrent, Deluge, etc. 


Navigate to a torrent website and find the file you need. It’s recommended to choose a file with the highest number of seeders, as in this case your file will download faster.


When you get the necessary torrent file, open it with your torrent client for Linux and start the download. That’s it!

Other benefits of VPN Unlimited for torrenting on Linux

Unlimited data and bandwidth

Some VPN services have data caps or bandwidth limits that may throttle or stop your downloads. We don’t want you to experience any inconvenience while torrenting on your Linux device. VPN Unlimited doesn’t set bandwidth limits so you can smoothly download your favorite content.

No-log VPN service

With strict zero-log policy, VPN Unlimited offers you complete privacy. We don’t keep any logs of your activities, so nobody can get hold of your torrenting, even your ISP.

VPN Protocols in VPN Unlimited®

Variety of VPN protocols

VPN Unlimited lets you choose from a variety of protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, so you can easily reach maximum speed and security when downloading torrent-files.

DNS leak protection

Some popular VPN services may leak DNS requests, which can reveal your identity to third parties such as media companies, copyright trolls, and law firms who may sue for copyright infringements. To avoid this scenario, there is Stop DNS Leak feature in the VPN Unlimited app. It makes all DNS requests go through our VPN’s DNS servers only.

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