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Is Opera VPN Safe - Comparison of Opera VPN and VPN Unlimited

Trying to find out if Opera VPN is safe? Read more to learn about the best alternative to Opera VPN.

Comparison Table of Services: Opera VPN vs VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited

Is Opera VPN safe

Opera VPN

App Available Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge Opera
OpenVPN Protocol Desktop and mobile None
Wireguard Protocol
1st-Party DNS Servers
Logging policy No Logs No Logs
P2P Blocking
Kill Switch
Strength of Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Number of devices Unlimited 1
Number of servers 3000+ 4
Pricing ($/mo) $9.99 Free
Rating: 5 3

What Do Virtual Private Networks Do

Internet privacy is extremely important in today’s world, when browsing the internet, it is essential to be sure you are protected by making use of a virtual private network.

However, not every service is as safe and secure as it claims to be. Before deciding on which service to use, its features should be compared with others. Opera VPN is free, popular, and easy to use, and it is built into the Opera browser. But is it safe?

Virtual Private Networks:

  • Protect your data
  • By-pass regional content blocking
  • Side-step censored or blocked websites
  • Hide your digital footprint

With all of these features, VPN Unlimited is an excellent choice, download it now!

Is Opera VPN Safe

Despite all these seemingly advantageous features, it is good to question if Opera VPN is safe. Although Opera states that it will protect your browser privacy, it is far from safe and secure. In addition, it only provides browser protection, and its features are not extended to other applications on your device, such as those for streaming, email, or social media.

Like other such services, Opera lets you alter your IP address and allows you to use the internet from a different location. You can choose between 4 server locations in Europe, Asia, and America, but the exact location of these servers is not specified, so is it really that safe?

While Opera is convenient and allows access to content in multiple regions, it is not any safer than using the internet without one at all. Thus, it is safer to use trusted, reliable services, such as VPN Unlimited.

Opera VPN, however, cannot offer the same level of privacy. It has an intrusive privacy policy, and third-party companies are involved, this means that instead of your data being protected, it is actually sold to other companies for marketing and advertising. Thus, it is not safe. 

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Benefits of VPN Unlimited

Well-hidden IP address

VPN Unlimited, on the other hand, features 3000+ servers, located within 80 different locations – offering you a wider range of safety and a larger variety of IP address options. In addition, it features a designated server for both streaming and torrenting.

By-pass regional content blocking

Changing your IP address and location grants you access to internet content, such as websites, streaming services, or social media, that is restricted in your local region. VPN Unlimited allows you to evade this type of geo-blocking.

 Data privacy

Data privacy is of top concern to anyone using the internet. In order to protect your data from being sold to marketing companies, VPN Unlimited offers 3000+ servers in 80 locations, ensuring that your IP address, as well as online identity, is protected.

High-level encryption

Secure high-level encryptions such as AES-256 provide one level of security, but in order to have your digital footprint fully safeguarded, this must be accompanied by tunneling protocols.

Tunneling protocols offer a safe means of sending and receiving data between your network and others. These protocols are designed to hide your data, offering you the privacy you are looking for.

Tunneling protocol

OpenVPN and Wireguard protocols are both excellent tunneling protocols, and most servers, such as VPN Unlimited, make use of these. Opera, however, does not feature either of these or any other tunneling protocol software, making it no safer than using the internet with no VPN at all. Therefore, using Opera puts your privacy at risk.

Kill Switch

As with any good server, VPN Unlimited has a Kill Switch feature. This is essential because if the connection of the virtual private network you are using is interrupted, you are at risk. What the Kill Switch does is immediately stop your internet session when the connection is lost. Thus, the Kill Switch provides an extra level of protection. Without this feature, Opera VPN is not safe.

Internet speed

VPN Unlimited offers fast internet speed, no matter what you are doing online. With 3000+ servers in 80 locations, ensure the best connection speed. Opera, however, does not offer this same level of speed and quality.

Browser support

While Opera is limited to Opera browser only, VPN Unlimited has an extension downloadable on Opera browser, as well as other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Reasonable pricing

Although Opera has a slight advantage in that it is free, this does not mean it is safe. VPN Unlimited is available in various subscription plans, depending on your individual need. There is also a trial available for 7 days.

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