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Comparison of VPN Unlimited vs. Cisco VPN

Some netizens are concerned about Virtual Private Networks' ability to circumvent geographical restrictions and access restricted sites. Online protocols ought to be trustworthy, and verification ought to be strict, paying little mind to how solid the encryption is. This article distinguishes VPN Unlimited from Cisco VPN and briefly looks into Cisco VPN license pricing.

About Cisco VPN Application

Cisco VPN, commonly known as Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, connects to a software program that works with many operating systems and hardware combinations. With this software program, distant resources from another network can be accessed as if they were directly linked, yet in a secure way.

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client provides remote employees with seamless, highly secure access to the workplace network from any device, at any time, and from any location, all while safeguarding the organization. Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac devices are all supported. Cisco AnyConnect has two subscription plans: term (1, 3, or 5 years) and perpetual license. The enterprise cost is also determined by the number of users and devices that must be secured. You should contact the Cisco sales staff through phone, chat, or web form for further information.

Cisco VPN License Price

Before you may use one of Cisco VPN's versions (AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client), you must first acquire a license, either an AnyConnect Plus or AnyConnect Apex license. The license(s) required are determined by the AnyConnect VPN Client and Secure Mobility capabilities you want to utilize, as well as the number of sessions you wish to support. Therefore, the Cisco VPN license price will be determined by the pre-mentioned features. To fit with general bring your own device (BYOD) trends, these user-based agreements offer access to support and software upgrades.

Table of Comparison: VPN Unlimited vs. Cisco VPN


VPN Unlimited

Cisco VPN

DNS Leak protection
Remote access
Multi-protocol support
Servers for P2P downloading
Kill Switch feature
Lifetime subscription
Free trial
Rating: 5 3.5

Best Cisco VPN Alternative in 2023

Your online activity and sensitive information are reliably protected with VPN Unlimited from hackers and cybercriminals. Everyone with internet access can benefit from this tool, from security experts to travelers.
The VPN Unlimited app has the following features:

  • Bypassing internet censorship and geo-restrictions
  • Internet data security
  • One subscription covers an unlimited devices
  • Data breaches and accidental leaks of information are nonexistent
  • High-speed video streaming
  • No risks associated with anonymous torrenting
  • Protection on public WiFi hotspots and networks
  • Instead of an actual IP address, you can use a virtual one

Reviewing the Outstanding Alternative VPN to Cisco VPN

When compared to Cisco VPN, VPN Unlimited outperforms in many key areas. The security protocols are enhanced, all major browsers are supported, and other securities and privacy features are included. Read on to find out more about how VPN Unlimited can provide you with a better online experience.


Masking your IP address

You can simply overcome internet connectivity difficulties and avoid any online constraints thanks to 3000+ servers situated globally. Simply connect to the preferred server location to mask your actual IP address by utilizing a virtual one.

Flexible pricing policy

VPN Unlimited has three subscription plans to choose from;  monthly, yearly, and Lifetime. A MonoDefense® security bundle with a VPN Unlimited client is also available. For a reasonable charge, you receive a suite of safe services that make your web experience simpler.

No-Log policy

KeepSolid's first aim is to protect users' internet privacy. As a result, VPN Unlimited does not keep track of your online activities. Our Cisco VPN alternative does not track your surfing history or downloaded files to ensure that unauthorized parties and cybercriminals do not have access to your important data. What is personal is kept personal!

Set of virtual protocols

There is no such thing as a universal Virtual Private Network protocol. Each one is ideal for a certain purpose:

  • For high-level security and lightning-fast connections, use OpenVPN®
  • WireGuard® for dependable data security and optimum performance
  • IKEv2 for superior encryption and a dependable connection
  • KeepSolid Wise is a perfect bypassing tool that provides maximum security

Keep Your Online Activities Safe With VPN Unlimited

Grab our reliable VPN solution right now and explore how its features work for your online privacy.