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Download Best VPN for Firefox

  • Strong Security and Unlimited Online Access
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly Mozilla VPN
  • Thousands of Servers in 80+ Locations
  • Anonymous VPN Plugin for Firefox
  • Easy-to-use VPN Extension for Mozilla


Download the VPN Unlimited addon to your Mozilla Firefox browser and enjoy total privacy everywhere and anonymous web surfing anytime!

Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

What You Get by Downloading Our Mozilla VPN Extension

Free and anonymous access to streaming servers

Watch top streaming channels like Disney Plus, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer without restrictions with VPN plugin. The best TV shows and movies are within your arm’s reach. You are not rooted to one IP address and can receive a new anonymous IP of any server from our list.

Anonymous VPN addon for Firefox

VPN Unlimited features numerous security measures, including AES-256 encryption and WebRTC leak prevention. These protect your internet traffic from any cyber threats. With the VPN Unlimited extension for Firefox, you can set up the protection for your web surfing on your own.

Secure VPN plugin for browsers

When you download our Mozilla VPN extension you receive a set of tools to protect your privacy. You can mask your real IP and set up auto-connect in a virtual private network to stay secure and anonymous in the Firefox.

How to Download Mozilla VPN Extension by KeepSolid

Download the extension
Choose a server
Enjoy secure browsing

If you need a more detailed guide on how to add our VPN Mozilla Firefox extension you can check out our Manuals or FAQ. Our Support team is always ready to help with downloading a VPN plugin for Firefox on your PC.

Why Download Mozilla Firefox VPN Unlimited

When you set up VPN Unlimited browser extension you will receive all the benefits of our security plugin. Concerning the world of online privacy, it gives you even more protection in case you use web browsers with the WebRTC protocol applied by default.

What is WebRTC leak

The WebRTC technology allows revealing a user’s local and public IP address to all concerned parties, even if a VPN service is enabled. This can affect your personal data: including credit card details, passwords, or even your location. IP addresses can provide an entry point for this information for many malicious users and hit your free anonymous browsing. But if you download and install a Mozilla VPN plugin this issue can be easily solved.

How VPN prevents WebRTC leaks in your Firefox browser

Our VPN Firefox extension securely hides your real IP address, keeps you anonymous, and protects all of your sensitive data. It provides an easy way to turn off the WebRTC protocol in your Mozilla Firefox browser and allows it to get the most possible anonymity and privacy online. You can bypass all sorts of internet restrictions, blocks, and censorship.

Download the Best VPN Extension Firefox

Speed and stability

3000+ fast VPN servers in over 80 locations all over the world ensure the fastest and most reliable VPN connection with the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The VPN Unlimited plugin will keep your life on the web anonymous and secure.

Anonymous VPN for Mozilla Firefox

When you’re connected to a VPN server, your real IP address is masked, making it impossible to trace your online actions and figure out your real identity.

Rock-solid encryption

VPN Unlimited encrypts all the internet traffic moving through your Firefox browser, protecting your personal information and sensitive data, keeping you anonymous.

Extra security measures in Mozilla VPN plugin

Our VPN addon Firefox offers a number of optional features for advanced protection, e.g. VPN auto-connect and WebRTC leak prevention.

Benefits You Get from Downloading our Mozilla VPN

256-bit data encryption

Use the highest encryption level in the industry to secure your private data from hackers, snoopers, and governments

24/7 customer support

In case you have some questions about our VPN client, feel free to contact our customer service via [email protected]. We are ready to provide any assistance you need as quickly as possible.

3000+ servers in 80+ locations

No matter where you are or where you travel to, VPN Unlimited will connect you to your favorite content

Protect 5 devices and more!

Pay for 1 get 4 for FREE! Or even more - with one subscription, you can use our VPN on unlimited devices. You can use any device (desktop, tablets, mobile phones) and any platform (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux.)

Ultimate speed & no data limit

Download, browse, stream or share, VPN Unlimited users are free to do whatever they want!

Additional service

Protect your online activities with our special extras: a Lifetime VPN subscription, Personal Server/IP options, and the ability to set a VPN on your WiFi Router

FAQ on Mozilla VPN extension

What is the best VPN addon for Firefox?

VPN Unlimited addon is great for Mozilla Firefox and other browsers. It brings out the best in them – utilizes their web architecture, builds on their features and capabilities. Downloading the VPN Unlimited extension for Mozilla Firefox means that you will get the best of both worlds – a convenient browser and a fast, anonymous VPN extension.

How to add VPN to Mozilla Firefox?

First and foremost, download the VPN Unlimited addon for your Firefox browser. Launch the extension in the browser and log in using your KeepSolid ID. To get one, register on the VPN Unlimited website or right in the plugin.

How to use the VPN extension for Firefox?

To start secure and anonymous browsing with our VPN extension:

  • Add the VPN Unlimited addon to your Firefox browser 
  • Click on the VPN Unlimited extension icon in your browser
  • Log in with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one 
  • Choose a server that will give you the best performance 
  • Click the big blue Start button and enjoy anonymous browsing with the Firefox plugin

Now all your browser’s traffic is encrypted and your online activities are anonymous. For additional features like WebRTC leak prevention or VPN auto-connect options, check out the VPN extension’s settings menu. Good luck with your new secure browser virtual private network!

I can’t figure out something about the VPN browser extension!

Feel free to ask our friendly and professional Customer Service 24/7/365  how to download a Mozilla VPN extension. We are always ready to help if you have any additional questions or issues.

How do I block my IP address from being tracked?

The best way to hide your IP address is using a virtual private network. Download our VPN Firefox plugin for anonymous browsing, connect to hundreds of servers abroad and stay untraceable for free.

Get Risk-Free VPN Addon for Firefox

The VPN Unlimited extension for Mozilla Firefox is your bulwark against the breaches in anonymity during traveling in the cyber world. Download Mozilla VPN Unlimited on your PC now and enjoy your safe and carefree online journey.

30-day money-back guarantee