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How to install VPN Unlimited application on Windows XP SP3

Want to cover your Windows XP PC with reliable VPN protection? This guide contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install VPN on Windows XP SP3, get started with the VPN Unlimited application, update this security solution to the newer version, and easily manage it. Make sure to check it all out!


Note: VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.


  1. How to install VPN for Windows XP?
  2. How to remove VPN Unlimited from your Windows XP device?
  3. How to keep your VPN app up to date?

1. Installation of VPN for Windows XP


To get VPN Unlimited for your Windows XP SP3, please go to the following page and click Download for Microsoft Windows XP SP3

Download the VPN Unlimited application for Windows XP SP3 (Standalone Version)

The file download will start. When the process is completed, launch the downloaded installer.

Download the VPN application on your Windows XP SP3 PC

Accept the license agreement and click Next.

How to install KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Application on Windows XP SP3 PC

Select the path to install the program, or leave the default path and click Next.

Install the VPN program on Windows XP SP3 PC

Select the folder name in the Start menu, where shortcuts of the program will be created, or leave the default name and click Next.

Select the folder name in the Start menu, where shortcuts of the program will be created

Select where you would like to create shortcuts for launching VPN on your Windows XP device, and click Next.

How to install and use VPN App on Windows XP SP3 - Select where you would like to create shortcuts

In the next window, click Install to start the installation of VPN Unlimited software for Windows XP SP3.

Start the installation of VPN software on Windows XP SP3 PC

If you do not have the installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package, required to run the program, the installer will offer to install this package. To follow the process, please accept the license agreement and click Install. Click Close after successful installation of the package.

The next step is to install a TAP Adapter, which is required for the smooth operation of our VPN application on Windows XP. To do this, click the Continue Anyway button.

The next step is to install TAP Adapter. To do so, click Continue Anyway - VPN for Windows XP SP3 PC

After the installation process is completed, you may be requested to restart your computer. Select Yes to restart your Windows PC now, and click Finish.

Complete the installation of VPN Unlimited app on Windows XP

Launch the application: Start > All Programs > VPN Unlimited > VPN Unlimited.

Launch the VPN Unlimited application on Windows XP SP3 PC

If at the start of the application, Windows Firewall or any other Firewall, installed in the system, requests permission for the open-vpn.exe and vpn-unlimited.exe files to access the network, allow the access.

Allow the access for the openvpn.exe and vpn-unlimited.exe files at the start of the app

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed VPN Unlimited on your Windows XP PC and now you can surf the web privately and securely. 

To start your unrestricted online trip, you should log in to your VPN Unlimited account. If you already have a KeepSolid ID, just enter your email address and password and tap the Sign in button. You can continue with Facebook or Google accounts as well.

To create a new KeepSolid ID tap Create KeepSolid ID, enter your email address and password. Then repeat your password, check the box next to By continuing, you agree to our…, and tap the Sign up button.

More information about KeepSolid ID and why you need it, you can find on this page.

To make the most of the app, check out our manual on how to use VPN Unlimited on Windows.

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2. Removal of VPN Unlimited for Windows XP 


To remove our VPN for Windows XP, please navigate to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs, select VPN Unlimited, and click the Remove button.

Removal of the VPN Unlimited application on Windows XP SP3 PC

3. Update of our VPN for Windows XP


VPN Unlimited checks for updates automatically whenever starting. However, you can check for a new version manually: right-click on the VPN Unlimited icon in the system tray, and select the Check for Update option.

Update to the latest version of the VPN application

If there is an update available, install it to enjoy the latest version of our VPN for Windows XP.

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our service? Please contact our customer support team at [email protected]. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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Strong AES-256 encryption

Our best VPN for Windows XP implements the military-grade AES-256 encryption protocol. This security algorithm reliably scrambles both the incoming and outgoing traffic of your device and makes it look like gibberish. Even if any hacker gets lucky to intercept your data, the only thing they get is a bunch of ciphered symbols. Thus, you can be completely sure about your online data safety and integrity.

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IP address replacement

VPN Unlimited provides 3000+ lightning-fast VPN servers in 80+ locations worldwide. Connecting to any of these servers your real IP address is disguised as a remote VPN server IP address. As a result, you can stay incognito on the internet and get unrestricted access to any websites and online services.

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Internet Kill Switch option

This option aims to protect your real IP address, actual geo-location, and sensitive online data from being leaked. Kill Switch constantly monitors your VPN connection status and instantly denies access to the internet if it detects any failures or disruptions. Without this feature enabled, you may not even notice that your VPN connection is no longer active and continue browsing the web as if nothing happened.

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