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Addressing Constructive Criticism and Busting Myths About VPN Unlimited

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Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Constructive criticism is vital. It is integral to the growth of individuals and organizations. A proper critique can highlight essential weak spots, uncover hidden problems, and reveal the existing potential for future development.

With that said, just because critique is important doesn’t mean all critique is equal and you should listen to everyone indiscriminately. What might be the reason to discard criticism as non-constructive?

  • Misinformed – when a person genuinely wants to provide a helpful review, but lacks an important piece of information (or their info is outdated) to make a correct judgement
  • Biased – sometimes, a critic is simply not the right person to listen to in this particular case; e.g. the critic doesn’t belong to your product’s target audience
  • Misleading – it’s not unheard of to see a service or an organization become victim of a concerted action of critiquing and trolling (usually organized by their competitors)

Get VPN Unlimited, enjoy the app’s security and privacy, and review it yourself!

Why are we even bringing this up? Because in today’s issue we’re going to address some of the most common criticism of VPN Unlimited. We are about to ascertain facts and bust a few myths. Enjoy!  

  1. VPN Unlimited Operates Under the US Jurisdiction, Members of the 5 Eyes Alliance
  2. No Free Trial; Freemium Version Instead
  3. Collects Logs – Connection and IP
  4. Only Allows for 5 Simultaneous Connections
  5. Does Not Have a Live Chat Feature
  6. VPN Unlimited is Prone to Kill Switch Leaks When Switching Servers

1. VPN Unlimited Operates Under the US Jurisdiction, Members of the 5 Eyes Alliance

You can find our exhaustive reply to this point in this article. In short – challenging the privacy of a VPN service judging from where it’s located is a low-hanging fruit. There are certain shortcomings to this, sure. But it does not mean that a VPN within an offshore jurisdiction is void of these cons – only that it’s difficult to bring those out into the open.   

On the contrary, as you can see it the aforementioned article, compliance with the US laws brings certain benefits to common users. The biggest one is the transparency and legal ability to fight back against the unconstitutional information gathering.

Myth  VPN myth - debatable

2. No Free Trial; Freemium Version Instead

Now that’s downright not true. You can see for yourself by downloading VPN Unlimited for free and activating full-featured 7-day trial period, no CC required.

Perhaps some reviewers got confused by the fact that in addition to the trial, we also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. To use the latter, obviously, you’re going to have to make a payment first. But in no way does it cancel or interact with the trial period.

Myth  VPN myths - busted

3. VPN Unlimited Collects Logs – Connection and IP

VPN Unlimited storing logs?

This one is simple. We don’t store users’ IP logs or any information that can be used to identify them. You can find all the information about what kind of information we’re using, and how we’re using it, disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

Myth  VPN myths - busted

4. VPN Unlimited Only Allows for 5 Simultaneous Connections

By default, all VPN Unlimited subscriptions support up to 5 devices simultaneously. However, if you ever need to add more device slots, you can easily get some in the Extras on our website, in your User Office, or right in the VPN Unlimited app (Menu => Purchases).

Myth  VPN myth - debatable

5. VPN Unlimited Does Not Have a Live Chat Feature

VPN Unlimited absolutely DOES have a Live Chat Support, as you can see on the screenshot below. Besides, we provide professional 24/7 email support with an average first response time of up to 1 hour. So even at times when our Live Chat is out of service (for instance, when there are no free agents available), you can be sure that your questions will always be quickly answered, and any issues you might face – resolved.  

VPN Unlimited Live Chat Support feature

Myth  VPN myths - busted

6. VPN Unlimited is Prone to Kill Switch Leaks When Switching Servers

This critique is unfortunately true. It is a common bane of all VPNs that offer the kill switch feature, deriving from the structure of the technology itself. Alas, the only way to avoid kill switch leaks is not to provide the feature at all. As you can imagine, this solution is problematic in itself.

Currently, both the R&D team of VPN Unlimited and the brightest minds of other VPN providers are working hard to come up with a fix to kill switch leaks. Our users will be the first to reap the benefits of this once the solution is found.

Myth  VPN myths - confirmed

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