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Best Mobile VPNs for Android, iPhone, and iPad

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

About 17% of all netizens use VPN apps (Virtual Private Network) at least once a month, and this number keeps growing. The rise of VPN app usage is fuelled by many drivers. One such factor is the increasing concern of the general public over their online privacy and security, along with their frustration about the officials’ inability to protect them. 

Are these fears legitimate, and should people be concerned about finding the best VPN apps? Recent cases from this field surely support this notion, for instance:

  • Cambridge Analytica scandal 
  • Equifax and Capital One data breaches 
  • The US House of Representatives’ ruling to allow ISPs freely sell their user’s data 

Fortunately, top VPN apps can easily protect you from most privacy- and data-related threats. Unfortunately, even as desktop VPN usage numbers are growing, few netizens are fully aware of the benefits of best mobile VPN apps. In today’s piece, we’re fixing it! Read on to find out about the peculiarities of top mobile phone VPN apps, why use VPN for Android and iPhone, and what the best mobile VPN is. Take it away!

What is Unique about VPN on Cell Phones?

If you’re not that familiar with the concept of an VPN app and its features, we suggest you check out this article before proceeding. For a more in-depth look into the less-known capabilities and features of top VPN apps, see this piece. But if you know these basics, let’s see what’s so special about VPN software for mobile phones.

Now, to be clear, there is plenty of overlap between VPN use on the mobile and desktop. After all, security, privacy, anonymity, and the ability to bypass content geo-blocking are welcome benefits on any platform. But when looking for best mobile VPNs, one has to consider the cyber threats that are distinctive to phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. 

Of mobile VPN apps and free WiFi

For instance, free WiFi hotspots are the common source of danger for mobile users. These free WiFi services usually provide no data encryption and an overall poor protection, meaning they can easily be monitored by anyone. Performing anything related to sensitive information (e.g. online banking) is extremely risky. It’s often suggested that a person uses their mobile data plan instead, since mobile data is somewhat harder to intercept.

Mug of coffee with WiFi sign on the foam. Free access point to the Internet WiFi and the dangers associated with it

However, it’s just a partial solution. A much safer and more reliable option is to simply use a VPN service on your phone or tablet. After you turn on your mobile VPN service, you can safely surf the web even through public WiFi hotspots. And you save your mobile data plan’s allocated bandwidth as well! Or, if you wish to stay TOTALLY secure, just avoid browsing sensitive sites on public WiFi altogether.

Why Use VPN on Android?

Android devices are far and wide, for every taste and budget. Such diversity is obviously positive for a lot of reasons, but it does come with certain drawbacks. The most important one for our today’s discussion is the lack of safety and privacy protection standards. Every Android phone is a unique ecosystem with its own security holes.

This makes VPNs essential for any Android user. A list of the main benefits of best VPNs for Android includes:

  • Keeping your personal data encrypted and secure
  • Hiding your real IP address to ensure that you stay private
  • Avoiding ISP, corporate, and government surveillance 
  • Protecting your anonymity from online spying
  • Bypassing content geo-restrictions (e.g. streaming, social media, torrenting)

Why use VPN if I’m not doing anything illegal?

One might think that they have no reason to hide their mobile internet traffic and data. But remember all the texts, photos, and emails you send from it. Are you okay with someone spying on those? We doubt this. And even if your mobile data doesn’t hold anything particularly private or illegal, your personal information like credentials, online habits, browsing history can provide plenty of shady opportunities to snoopers.

There are some other reasons you might be looking for a good VPN for Android, but these are the most common. Securing your browsing, traffic, and identity is vital, and no single app can better deliver in this department than top VPNs for Android. 

Why Use VPN on iPhone and iPad?

Woman holding iPad Pro with entertainment company Netflix provides streaming media and video on the screen - and then Netflix is blocked

The demand for VPN on iPhone and iPad stems from a different source than in the Android’s case. iOS provides its users with notably better security and doesn’t have a whole malware ecosystem that feeds off of it. While your data is still in danger once it leaves your device and travels via the web, the overall risk is relatively lower.

There are, however, certain problems that iOS users have to face every now and then and which could easily be fixed with best VPN apps for iPhone. For instance, VPNs can grant you access to region-specific services and streaming catalogs – like those belonging to Hulu, BBC, or HBO, for instance – even when you’re located outside their coverage area. This is essential for travellers who want to save money with regional prices and retain access to their favorite services while abroad, or for people who wish to get access to full catalogues of the services.

What’s the Best Mobile VPN App? 

So, how to choose the best VPN software for mobile phones? First of all, understand why you need a virtual private network for your Android or iOS device. Are you looking for security while connected to an unreliable network? Do you need to hide your internet activities from the prying eyes of various third parties?

Young woman using smart phone with VPN Unlimited to browse the internet securely and anonymously

Once you’ve defined your needs and priorities, choose a mobile VPN app that satisfies them. For instance, we suggest you take a closer look at VPN Unlimited. It offers an array of features: from the basic ones like data encryption and hiding IP address, to a host of more elaborate options. Not to mention that with its trial period, you can enjoy free VPN Unlimited for 7 days – plenty of time to check out all its capabilities and see if it suits your needs.

Download VPN Unlimited

Get VPN Unlimited right now and start enjoying a secure and private internet with absolutely no borders!