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How to Get Someone’s IP Address with IP Grabbers and What Can Someone Do With Your IP

According to the research by Global WebIndex, 58.4% of the world’s population use social media today. Netizens spend over 2 hours per day sharing photos and messaging on social networks. However, this unlimited communication brings uncontrolled threats. Hacking, good or bad, is not ethical anyway, due to the violation of our privacy. An IP address is one of the main elements of this online privacy and in this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • How someone can find and get your IP address on Gmail, Instagram, or Discord?
  • What are IP grabbers and how do they help to pull your IP?
  • What can someone do with your IP address?
  • How to protect from third parties trying to find, pull, or track your IP address on Instagram, email, or Discord?

Let’s start!

How to Find and Get Someone’s IP Address

The reasons for tracking IP addresses may vary. Companies can pull your IP address to set the advertisement according to your location. Other third parties can get your IP for their purposes, often illegal. But anyway, an IP address is private information and it should be protected. To learn how to defend your sensitive data the best practice is to know, how someone’s IP address can be found and pulled. 

Command prompt

The easiest way to identify your IP address is to use the command prompt. You just need to open and type “ping” and the website you want to trace. For example, if you want to know the Instagram IP address, just type “ping”. 

Incoming email

When you try to find the IP address of someone you are emailing, you can check his or her email address. This method differs in different email services you can use. In the headers of every email, you can see some additional information you can use to pull and track someone’s IP. 

Use an IP Grabber

To find someone’s IP hackers can use a variety of IP grabbers. Third parties can learn where the generated links have been clicked from. They just need to create a tracker link in the IP grabber tool and send it to someone, whose IP address they want to get and track. Once the person clicks it, hackers will get his IP address, location, and IP address history.

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What Can Someone Do with Your IP

Your IP address is an important identification parameter while you are on the web. If someone finds and tracks your IP with IP grabbers or any other tools, you can face many issues, from minor to catastrophic. If a hacker finds your IP address, he can use it to grab your sensitive information, your geographic location, or even the whole online identity. Your device can be hacked and your online experience can suffer a lot. 

Privacy violation and personal life invasion

Your IP address has important details about your geographic location, and if someone has intentions to find you, you can make the task easier if you don’t hide your IP address. Do not neglect the seriousness of online habits and protect your IP address with a reliable VPN service. 

Hacking of your device and data leak

If someone pulls your IP address your hardware can be endangered as well. Your connection can be easily attacked and sensitive information will be stolen. As a result of hacker attacks on your IP address, your device performance will go down and your internet connection can just be dropped.

Illegal activity from hacked account

If third parties get your IP address with IP grabber tools or any other way, they can use your IP to download illegal content or malware. Their activity will not be tracked back and all the enforcement authorities will have is your IP address. 

What is IP address? - VPN Unlimited


What is IP address? - VPN Unlimited

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