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Is a Safe Site to Use? is a website, as well as a mobile app that offers its customers payment options for 750+ brands. All these payments can be done in one place. is very much an online store for prepaid credits, such as mobile top-ups, gift cards, entertainment subscriptions and so on. People can buy or charge a prepaid card for themselves, or to buy and send them to a loved one. 


Is Legit?

Yes, it is legit. was set up in 2013, as a part of the Creative Group and has its headquarters in the Netherlands. now operates in over 140 countries in the world, from Europe, North America, South America,  Asia, Africa to Oceania countries. 


Is Reliable to Use?

There is no doubt about this. has over 1 million users, on average, there is a refill takes place every thirty seconds on the website. Its customers rate this site an average of 8 on Trustpilot.


Is It Safe to Use

It is safe to use most of the time, it works with many reliable payment companies such as Visa, PayPal to make sure users can pay safely. At the same time, handles user’s personal data carefully. However, when it comes to the safety of your online assets, it is always recommended using a VPN as it’s the best way to help make sure your online data is safe. 


How To Protect Your Data and Prevent Your ISP From Tracking?

VPN is known as the best way to protect online security and privacy. If you want to make sure your online data is safe, and no third party can reach your web activities, VPN Unlimited is the best solution for you.

Prevent any third party from tracking your online activities

If you don’t want your ISP or any other third party to know what you did online, you should consider VPN. It is a technology that creates private networks from a public internet connection. By masking your IP address and creating a secure and encrypted connection, it will prevent your ISP and other third parties from accessing your browsing activities and search history. A VPN is a key privacy tool for individuals when using the internet.

Best VPN Protocols

VPN Unlimited offers a variety of secure protocols, you may decide what protocols your device and your network support, then choose the one that can perform their best. KeepSolid will use the optimal VPN protocol that suits your network by default, but you can always configure your application to use other protocols.

Best VPN Protocol Encryption

The common encryption methods are 128-bit or 256-bit. Usually, a 128-bit encryption is uncrackable from brute force. But you can never be too safe, it is a better practice to upgrade key lengths to 256-bit. That’s also why VPN Unlimited ensures the best security and performance as all its VPN protocols are using the 256-bit encryption algorithm.

Make sure all your online activities are private!

Download VPN Unlimited and enjoy anonymous browsing!

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VPN Unlimited is also part of MonoDefense security bundle.