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What Is Packet Sniffing Attack and How To Prevent It

The more people use the internet daily, the more the rate of cyberattacks increases. Consequently, people who surf the internet regularly are at risk of attacks at any given moment. One of the most recurrent attacks these days is packet sniffing attacks. Packet sniffing attacks are the type of attacks in which the hacker will gain access to your data and steal them. Furthermore, they can compromise your network security leaving you unprotected from other types of attacks. In the following, we will discuss what is packet sniffing and the different ways to prevent it.

Knowing the different types of packet sniffing attacks is crucial to recognize when you are under attack. The most common types of sniffing are passive sniffing and active sniffing. The main difference between passive and active sniffing lies in the way each of them works.

What Are the Different Types of Packet Sniffing Attacks?

Active sniffing

The majority of the networks today use a switch to connect two networks and forward data safely. Active sniffing consists of manipulating the swift of the network by injecting traffic into the local area network.

Passive sniffing

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How to Prevent Packet Sniffing Attacks

Given that sniffing attacks are common, knowing how to prevent them is important for any individual or organization. In the following, we will present in detail the different ways to prevent packet sniffing attacks to protect your network.

  1. Scan and monitor your network regularly. Bandwidth and device auditing can help with scanning and monitoring your network. Moreover, having a qualified team of network administrators is also important to protect the network and intervene adequately in case of a sniffing attack.
  2. Always use secure networks. Unsecure networks are most of the time vulnerable, which leaves your data and personal information prey to all sorts of attacks including packet sniffing attacks. Free public WiFi is a good example of insecure network that everyone must avoid using.
  3. Use a VPN. A VPN is one of the best options to secure your data and network because it makes it difficult for hackers to have access to your data and decrypt it. A good VPN, such as VPN Unlimited, will allow you to surf the internet anonymously protecting you from any attack. It also offers protection from insecure networks and public WiFis.

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