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how to secure smart tv

How to Secure Your Smart TV from Hackers

Smart TVs have grown in popularity over the years because they enable users to access a wide choice of media from the comfort of their own homes. However, as they grow more prevalent, individuals must be more cautious about the security of their gadgets. Smart TV, like any other device, is vulnerable to hackers.


What Is a Smart TV

A TV that can access the internet and execute programs is known as a smart TV. It can access online content, stream television shows and movies, and even let users surf the internet. Due to its ability to provide viewers with easy access to a variety of media without the usage of extra hardware like streaming boxes, smart TVs are growing in popularity.

Understanding Smart TV Security

Like all devices that have access to the Internet, Smart TV is also vulnerable to possible threats. Hackers may gain access to your personal information, monitor your behavior, and even take control of your smart TV. Smart TVs have been a frequent target for hackers as they may operate as a gateway to other devices on your home network due to the growth of smart home technologies.

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Methods to Improve Smart TV Security

Although smart TV can be a vulnerable target for hackers, following basic digital security rules minimizes their chances to almost zero. Here are some ways to improve your smart TV security:

Regularly Update Firmware

Smart TV manufacturers often release firmware updates that fix known vulnerabilities and improve security. Regularly updating your Smart TV's firmware is essential in keeping your device secure.

Change Default Network Names and Passwords

When setting up your Smart TV, be sure to change the default network names and passwords. Leaving these as a default makes it easier for hackers to gain access to your network and your Smart TV.

Be Wary of What You Download

Downloading apps or software from untrusted sources can be dangerous. Only download apps or software from trusted sources, such as the application store on your smart TV.

Turn On Encryption

Encryption is a process that secures your data by converting it into an encrypted code. Enable encryption on your smart TV to protect your data from being intercepted by hackers. 

Educate Yourself About the Different Types of Hacks

Several types of hacks can be used to access your smart TV – you can read about them here. Educate yourself about these types of hacks and take steps to prevent them.

Tips for Protecting from Hacking

Here are some tips that can help you protect your smart TV from hacking:

Secure Your Network

Use a strong password and turn on WPA2 encryption to make sure your home network is safe while your smart TV is linked to it. A strong password must have a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, digits, and symbols, and it must be at least 12 characters long.

Implement a Virtual Private Network

VPN encrypts your internet connection and provides an extra layer of security. Use VPN Unlimited to protect your smart TV from hackers!

Enable Firewall Protection

A firewall is a security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. Enable firewall protection using DNS Firewall on your smart TV to prevent unauthorized access.

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Have Anti-Virus Software

Install anti-virus software on your smart TV to detect and prevent malware attacks. Note that the anti-virus, like other applications, should be installed only from reliable sources.


Smart TVs offer a lot of benefits, but they also pose a security risk. By following the methods and tips mentioned above, you can protect your smart TV from hacking and ensure your privacy is not compromised.

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