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Is DuckDuckGo a VPN

DuckDuckGo has been said to be the best engine for keeping your internet data private and guarding yourself against hackers. However, I’m here to tell you that relying on its sparse security could prove to be detrimental if you are not using a VPN or a virtual private network.

DuckDuckGo as with other search engines does not protect your internet traffic from being spied on. Your internet service provider (ISP) can still see your entire browsing activity and would therefore be able to share it with bidding third parties. The threat is especially increased when you are accessing your internet from public networks. They are far less secure, making it easy for hackers to intercept your traffic and steal your confidential personal information. 

What Separates DuckDuckGo From the Rest

These days, when you are trying to find information on which app to use for a problem you have or where is the closest salon, you just simply do a quick search on your internet browser to find out. It’s just some of the conveniences that we get to enjoy in the age of the internet. The concern with it is, it comes at a cost of giving up your online data to search engines like Google and Yahoo, who profile people according to their search patterns and history. They know what your current interests are and will use this data to target you with personalized ads and filtered search results.  

Sure, this makes browsing the internet such a breeze with functions like auto-suggestion and easy logins to accounts that are synced with Google, but it also means limited security of your online data and activity. 

DuckDuckGo prides itself on providing a private search experience that does the opposite of what these search engines do. Every time you use it is like the very first time you used the engine - it has no recollection of your previous use. The data trail that is created during your use is instantly erased, and it does a very good job of not tracking users' search patterns and sites they have visited.

Pros and Cons of using DuckDuckGo


  • It does not collect personal data and share it with advertisers
  • Blocks all internet tracking
  • It provides users with unbiased search results
  • It does not store your IP address and user information


  • It has a small pool of search data, you get fewer results compared to Google
  • DuckDuckGo runs ads to generate revenue
  • It doesn’t have the option to personalize the interface and layout

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Answering the question: Is DuckDuckGo a VPN

The short answer is a resounding NO. But its team makes efforts to deliver an internet search engine that prioritizes protecting its users' privacy. Even though it doesn’t keep track of their search activity, it does fall short in furnishing exhaustive privacy and security that some users might require. 

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Why VPN Unlimited is the best alternative

VPN Unlimited is a good and trusted virtual private network it doesn’t just keep your search history and information confidential, but it provides absolute privacy and security. It encrypts your personal data and IP addresses, ensuring that they are 100% secured from third-party websites and hackers. 

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Benefits of VPN Unlimited

An effective VPN provides that extra layer of security through encryption which securely conceals all your critical data, online traffic, and IP address. It might surprise you to know that VPN Unlimited: 

  1. Do not observe, keep, or log your online activity, including your browsing history, connection times, metadata, downloads, server usage, or data content during your session. 
  2. Do not ask for your full name to provide you with their VPN.
  3. They don’t store or log your IP address after the end of your session. 

All these ensure that no unauthorized parties and cybercriminals can gain access to your private data, and that is why it is trusted by many for its security.

Now that I have answered if is DuckDuckGo a VPN or not, there are other added benefits of using a VPN. These include: 

  • The ability to bypass geographic restrictions and internet censorship on websites or audio and video streaming apps. 
  • It enables you to hide your true location, giving you some anonymity online. 
  • Those who are into torrenting can keep themselves protected from being logged while in the act.

Privacy-conscious Internet users can rely on DuckDuckGo to prevent being profiled through the many parameters that log information about their search but should consider concealing all of their online activities from everyone including their internet service provider.

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