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In What Situations Do You Need VPN

How to prevent the digital surveillance? - Use VPN Unlimited and stay anonymous
How to prevent the digital surveillance? - Use VPN Unlimited and stay anonymous

If you still do not know when to use VPN and what it is, this issue is for you. People have been using the Internet for many years already. Now we can find and get access to any information and make numerous connections. But users should take all possible measures of precaution to stay safe.

Every day we use different tools of the Internet to receive and send information, buy goods and services, and many other things. By doing all these, we become assailable for hackers and cybercriminals. Every minute, hackers commit such crimes as identity theft or credit card fraud. It makes us think about the ways how to secure our online activities. This facility can guarantee you the protection which you require and the privacy which you desire.

When to Use VPN and What It Is

VPN is Virtual Private Networking. When to use VPN? Every time you connect to the Internet, you do it using an IP address. It lets the government and various companies see the place from which you make connections and the sites which you have visited. Besides, it knows the amount of time, you have spent on this or that site and what information you have downloaded.

Having all this information, they will easily build your profile, there is no mention of your privacy or security. It changes everything when using a VPN. Without any problems, you will be connected to any remote server which can hide your location, what websites you surf, and mask your identity. When you use this tool, you may be sure that you are staying protected online. While traveling, you can connect to it on a server in your native country. Everyone will think that you are at home. Boost your privacy and safety, by connecting to the Internet with the help of the server, you choose.

Benefits of using VPN Unlimited

When to use VPN? Use it when you want to access any geo-restricted content or unblock any content from overseas. With our service, it is possible because it offers 3000+Virtual Private Network Servers in more than 80 locations. So, it allows you to reach any content you need. If you want to have the best tool for streaming, it is VPN Unlimited.

When to connect with VPN? When you want to watch your favorite streaming services. With a connection to it, you will access your favorite video content from any place where you stay. Another important feature is secure torrenting. Though downloading torrents may be illegal in some countries, it remains popular nowadays. You can download torrents securely on your device when you use them. VPN Unlimited is your ideal way for masking your IP address while torrenting. So, start your work with VPN Unlimited apps.

Use VPN Unlimited right now and test all its traits

Our service suggests a full-featured 7-day free trial. Within this period, you will test how it guards your online privacy.

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Note: VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

How Our App Defends Your Online Activity

AES-256 encryption

AES-256 technology which is used gives your data the highest level of protection. You may not worry anymore about the safety of your sensitive information and your online activity. Not a single hacker or ISP surveillance system will be able to read your enciphered information.

Protection of unsecured Wi-Fi networks and public hotspots

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous for your devices. So, when you use our service, you protect not only your personal data but also your devices.

Personal Static IP address and Personal VPN server

Personal IP address guarantees you additional defense of your personal information. Besides, you will never be blocked on the Internet. A personal server will increase your connection speed.

The future of anonymizer services is a virtual private network (VPN) protocol
No-log policy

Our best service will not collect or trace your data. Stay confident with us that no one will spy on you. Do not squander your time. Use our service to get solid protection.

How Compatible Is Our Service and Your Devices

The compatibility of our service is another important question. No matter what device you have: a router, browser, gaming console, or Smart TVs, our app will operate on any of them. Moreover, you can set it up on Windows Phone, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. You will be satisfied with our service and the work of our app. Set up VPN Unlimited on your device now.

Main Benefits of Using VPN Unlimited

Protect your sensitive information

Absolute security of your personal information. Due to our military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, your online activity and sensitive data will be secured.

Unlimited devices

With one subscription, you can use our VPN on unlimited devices. You can use any device (desktop, tablets, mobile phones) and any platform (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux.)

Streaming services

Get access to global streaming services. When you use this facility, you access any media content and bypass censorship.

Super-high connection speed

Choosing from more than 3000 servers in 80+ locations over the world, you will obtain cool Internet speed and the lowest ping.

Defend your online privacy with VPN Unlimited

Start your work with us and make certain of your safety online.