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Unblock the Blocked Sites on Chrome with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Wherever You Are

According to the NetMarketShare (April 2020), Google Chrome continues to be the most popular web browser, as 65.96% of all web searchers use exactly this browser. This is not surprising, since Google Chrome provides users with the simplest interface, high-speed of opening pages, support of all major platforms, and quick updates. Unfortunately, while using your favorite Google browser, you can face geo-blocked sites. To fix this issue, we highly recommend you to use a well-trusted VPN application for Chrome. 

VPN Unlimited can become your best assistant to fight with unfair website blocking and enjoy all and any content. Our service employs only the best features to allow you to be secure, private, and free while on the web. To top it off, you can use our app on any platform or even set it up right to your browser as a VPN extension for Chrome. In this guide on our best Chrome VPN app, you find the answers on the following questions:

  • Why are some websites in Chrome blocked?
  • How to access geo-blocked content with our VPN for Chrome? 
  • How to unblock websites at school?
  • Why is VPN Unlimited your best VPN for Chrome?

How websites in Chrome get blocked

The most probable answer to the question of why you can’t access some content in the Chrome browser lies in your physical location and IP address. Identifying your current location, content provider or network administrators can decide to restrict your access to particular websites for their own reasons. These reasons are as follows:

  • Geo-blocked content. If you are a fan of such popular video streaming services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO, you probably know that such companies have their own licensing agreements for the content they provide. These agreements affect the list of content you can access in different countries. 
  • School/office restrictions. Your school/workplace can also restrict access to websites. They do so in order to boost your productivity, but let’s be honest it doesn’t work like this. Such an attitude to your online freedom probably annoys you. That's why your wish to unblock websites at school or office sounds quite fair to us. 
  • Government censorship. It’s not a secret that such countries like China and North Korea censor content. Among these content are our favorite services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and a lot more. 

3 steps to unblock websites on Chrome browser with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited


Step 1

Download our VPN for Chrome and start your 7-day FREE trial


Step 2

Choose the server location where the needed site is not blocked


Step 3

Access blocked sites on Chrome with our app! 

How to unblock websites at school on Chrome

VPN Unlimited is a perfect choice to bypass school restrictions and enjoy your favorite content in the Google Chrome browser. Our Chrome VPN solution offers you a bunch of super-secure VPN servers worldwide and a list of security features so that all your web activity remains completely unrestricted and secure. 

Why choose VPN Unlimited for Chrome

Robust security

You can easily set up a VPN for Chrome to protect your online traffic via the highly secure AES-256 encryption algorithm and VPN protocols. Our security features encrypt your data and make it completely secure and anonymous.

Set of best VPN features

Adding our VPN to Chrome, you also get a premium set of VPN features that level up your online security and privacy. With our VPN for Chrome, you get such great features as Kill Switch, KeepSolid Wise, a military-grade encryption protocol, a set of lightning-fast VPN protocols, and much more.

Multi-platform support

Our Chrome VPN works with all major platforms that means you can get our service on any computer, smartphone, tablet, and even add to your browser as an extension. To top it off, a single VPN Unlimited plan can be used on up to 5/10 devices. 

Get our best VPN for the Chrome browser right now!

Start using VPN Unlimited and access any restricted content on the Chrome browser.