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SDP vs VPN Review and Comparison

Nowadays we have a myriad of devices connected to the internet. We can go online with our PC, tablet, phone, or even fridge. But our dependence on the World Wide Web brings to a range of risks. Securing your connection is just as important as closing the front door to your house. So if you want to protect your network and personal data you have to find the best tool. Check out our SDP vs VPN comparison to choose the best for you.

Briefly About VPN and SDP

What is SDP

A software-defined perimeter (SDP) is a method to hide infrastructure connected to the internet (servers, routers, etc.) from third parties. It becomes impossible to see where the infrastructure is hosted, on-premises, or in the cloud. Unlike a standard VPN, which connects a user to a larger, shared network, SDP uses single-packet authorization to establish an individual network between your device and the invisible server. 

What is VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is one of the most popular instruments to protect your sensitive data and enjoy the internet securely. It encrypts your data so that a hacker cannot see what you are doing or where you are located. VPN changes your IP address, making it appear that you are browsing from any other location. Due to its advantages, VPN has become the ultimate way to connect the web safely.

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SDP vs VPN: Why VPN is Better

Compatible platforms

VPN Unlimited is compatible with a large number of platforms. You can install a VPN application on your mobile device, PC, set up a secure connection on Smart TV or gaming consoles. And it doesn’t take much time, just download the app and browse securely. 

Absolute privacy

Finally, one of the most important reasons why VPN Unlimited is the winner of the SDP vs VPN comparison is that our app follows a strict no-log policy. It ensures the safety of your privacy and guarantees that your sensitive data won’t leak. 

Strong encryption

With the military-grade encryption AES-256, VPN Unlimited makes it impossible for third parties to decrypt and read your data. With VPN Unlimited you can connect to the web using various encryption protocols: WireGuard®, OpenVPN®, IKEv2, L2TP, or KeepSolid Wise.

Customer Support

If you have any questions while configuring our VPN Unlimited app don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support. You can check out our Live Chat or write a message to [email protected] . Our team will be happy to help you with your issues.

Fast Facts on SDP vs VPN

VPN Unlimited SDP
Access before authentication Authentication before access
IP-based access Isolated access to any application
Anonymous torrents download Applications visible after identity authorization
Reliable WiFi and mobile devices solution Vulnerable SDP controllers
User-friendly interface DIfficult configuration of the SDP solution
Secure encryption Device limitations

SDP vs VPN Conclusion

When it comes to a comparison of SDP vs VPN, it is pretty easy to choose the winner. SDP network is a young technology with a large number of aspects to improve. But with VPN Unlimited you see what you pay for. You can easily set up a VPN connection wherever you are and enjoy the internet securely.

FAQ on SDP vs VPN Comparison

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